The QR 678 Hair Growth Factor Treatment

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The QR 678 Hair Growth Factor (QR 678 is a novel molecule that was discovered in Asia, which prevents hair loss and causes hair growth) had been posted as a VERY FIRST web page tale in all TIMES of India (India’s top most English news paper) editions, throughout the nation! We have actually been working on this for four years, but this nonetheless comes as a surprise to us.

You can see and read the initial Times of India article right here:

1000 plus hits on Dr. Rinky Kapoor (, co-investigator in the innovation and subsequent medical test, and my blog site, each. 50000 hits on two of our sites, causing our sites to get flooded with enquiries. 1000 telephone calls on the medical center contact number, 1000 more to my individual assistants. 500 emails to us. Also we did perhaps not expect this kind of response to the QR 678. This, to me personally, simply shows just how numerous men and women are troubled with loss of hair these days, globally, and simply how much it affects them. I’ve additionally been overburdened with questions on exactly why, how, when and where and I am penning down these thoughts on the blog post to connect with you all better and to respond to your inquiries since best as I will.

1) Our team has determined a combination of five growth factors which lead to increased hair growth in the affected area, on administration into the skin of the scalp by means of superficial injections – This mixture is known as the QR 678. This might be very different and much more advanced than stem cell hair growth therapy being done in numerous hair centers/ clinics in the globe.

2) These QR 678 development factors are NATURALLY occurring substances, anyways existent in the skin of the scalp and accounts for hair growth in that area! They get reduced in those who lose hair, either because of to genetic, environmental, or other factors. Since they’re anyways present and we are simply inserting into the skin of scalp what anyways used to be present and this is NOT assimilated systemically, there are no after-effects of the treatment.

Here is the video of QR678 Treatment

Best Hair Growth Treatment Best Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Fall / Growth Treatment) in Mumbai, India- Dr. Debraj Shome

3) For clients suffering from hair loss, we perform mesotherapy using the QR 678 molecule which is patented development factors, which is administered in form of small practically painless injections in the scalp. It calls for 5-8 sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart. Generally 1 ml of solution is inserted per session, each session takes 15 mins, no hospital stay is needed, and each injection costs Rs. 6000 per ml of injection per session.

4) The QR 678 will NOT always work in every person. This works just whenever at minimum a couple of locks hair follicles are available in the areas injected! These hair follicles may be quiescent and may not be extremely healthy, they may also be microscopic and NOT noticeable to eyes, BUT they are required to be there! Thus, first we require to examine your scalp skin with a magnifier to see if these hair follicles are available and just then can we suggest treatment.

5) Be practical about the QR 678, as about everything else in life. Keep in mind if you took many years to get to where you are, you’ll not go back to where you had been, in days!

6) If the head is entirely bald, the QR 678 treatment may not work. Outcomes generally are 80 % regrowth or more based on the degree of the issue. Enhancement begins after 4 sessions.

7) External applications such as creams, lotions are recommended which you’ve got to utilize for maintenance of your own hair, after the treatment. We have with us information available on individuals for three years – No one however has needed a repeat injection.

8) The QR 678 treatment will work before a hair transplant or after it, if you’re currently thinking about one. It is additionally suggested that in those thinking about hair transplant and having serious hair loss, undergoing the QR 678 to make the transplantable hair thicker can be of great help. After all, the transplanted hair additionally comes from your very own scalp, simply from another region on your head, so thicker hair provides us more hair to transplant as well. The QR 678 will undoubtedly reduce the possibility of hair transplants in a considerable populace of moderate hair loss!

Here is the video of QR678 Hair Loss Treatment

Best Hair Growth Treatment Best Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Fall / Growth Treatment) in Mumbai, India- Dr. Debraj Shome

9) We have no other branch. We have applied for and this item is presently waiting for a worldwide patent. Food And Drug Administration approvals in various areas of the globe are effective. Numerous people travel to Mumbai and Hyderabad every three months from London, New York & Dubai for this treatment.

10) It is good to be sceptical and it’s needed to be like that, in this time and age. But, it might help you to examine the qualifications of the individuals making the claim and the institutes included!

See the QR678 Treatment Before After Photos-

Will include more as more inquiries arise. But, all in all, you are perhaps not alone, and yes, you might gain a lot!

You can read more information on the QR 678 therapy right here:


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