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    There are various types of non surgical treatments available in India which can help one to get enhanced look. The main advantage of non surgical lipolysis methods in India is that there are no incisions created and the operation takes relatively short time, compared to a surgical operation in Mumbai. In the current times, the non surgical methods of cosmetic surgeries are becoming popular with the patients who are looking to enhance and improve their current look in India. One of such non surgical treatments is Kybella, which is non surgical lipolysis in Mumbai and there are many clinics offering Kybella treatment in India. To know more about this procedure, this article will take a look at Kybella procedure and where to get Kybella treatment in Mumbai.

    What is Kybella?

    Kybella is a type of non surgical liposuction in Mumbai procedure and a prescription medication for those patients who are bothered with the fat deposit under their chin or if the patient has got a condition where the patient looks much older and heavier than they actually are. There are various advantages of using Kybella and more cosmetic surgeons in India are opting for this method to treat their patients. Kybella non surgical lipolysis that is used in India is also approved by the FDA and this method is a safe treatment method used by clinics in Mumbai.

    How does Kybella actually work?

    • Kybella, which is a non surgical lipolysis method used by cosmetics surgeons in India has got an active ingredient and this is synthetic deoxycholic acid. This is a molecule which is naturally occurring in the body. The main aim of this molecule is to help in the breakdown of the dietary fat and its absorption.
    • When the non surgical lipolysis medication Kybella is injected into the fat beneath the chin, it will damage the fat cells and this will cause a reduction underneath the chin in terms of fullness and this is noticeable, after it is carried out in cosmetic surgery clinics in India. As soon as the fat cells are damaged with this non surgical lipolysis, they will not be able to store fat or accumulate fat in any way. As soon as the patient gets the desired results, further treatments of this non surgical lipolysis are not required for the patients in Mumbai.

    What should patients expect from Kybella non surgical lipolysis?

    The first thing that the doctor will carry out before starting the treatment is to check and examine the area under the chin and around it for the patients. This will help the cosmetic surgeon to understand whether non surgical lipolysis Kybella is the right choice for them or not.

    Then the doctor will offer the patient with a tailored treatment of this non surgical lipolysis and doctor will determine how much of the fat needs to be treated with Kybella. This procedure is carried out by the cosmetic surgeon/plastic surgeon in Mumbai, India.

    How is this treatment with Kybella non surgical lipolysis administered for the patient in Mumbai?

    • Only trained health care specialists such as cosmetic surgeon/plastic surgeon is able to carry out this non surgical lipolysis procedure on the patients in Mumbai. During each of the treatment sessions of Kybella, the patients will be provided with multiple small amounts of injections of Kybella and these are injected under the skin in appropriate areas of the chin at cosmetic surgery clinics in India.
    • The procedure of injecting Kybella takes around 15 to 20 minutes and the number of injections required for the patients will depend directly upon how much fat is reserved under the chin for the patient and also the profile of the patient for this non surgical lipolysis treatment in Mumbai.

    What is the definition of submental fullness?

    This is where the excess amount of fat is gathered underneath the chin, which is commonly referred to as double chin. This is treated successfully with non surgical lipolysis in Mumbai. Some people can get this condition due to genetics, while others can get it if they gain weight or they get older with age.

    How many sessions does one require with Kybella?

    • The chin profile of every patient is different and this is why the time of this non surgical lipolysis treatment in Mumbai will vary from one patient to another. The distribution of the submental fat and the treatment goal of the patient will help the doctor to determine how many treatment sessions are required. Some patients may require more than one treatment sessions to dissolve the fat under the chin, while others may only need a single session to achieve this goal in most clinics in India.
    • Those who do require more than one treatment session, they will find that each of the Kybella session is placed 1 month after the initial treatment. Any patient will not require more than 6 treatment sessions with Kybella in Mumbai.

    What is the general time to recover for the patients from this non surgical lipolysis and are there any side effects?

    • The patients will likely to suffer from some swelling numbness or bruising under the chin and this can differ from one patient to another after this non surgical lipolysis procedure in Mumbai. These will subside within sometimes after the administration of the treatment.
    • However, if patients find that the symptoms are still persisting non surgical lipolysis, then they must contact their doctors to get a solution. Few people may find a weakness in the facial muscle, while some can also face trouble with swallowing etc. These issues get resolved with time and without any further hassle after a specific period of time after the non surgical lipolysis procedure in Mumbai.

    What is some information that the patient will need to let the doctor know before the treatment with Kybella in India?

    Those who are planning to get the Kybella non surgical lipolysis treatment from cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai will need to let their doctor know the following things:

    • If the patient had any type of surgery on the face, neck, or the chin.
    • Whether the patient is pregnant or not.
    • Whether the patient have had any type of cosmetic treatments done on the face, neck or chin.
    • Whether the patient is breast feeding or not. The effect of Kybella non surgical lipolysis for this condition is unknown for this situation and it is best to discuss from beforehand with the doctor.
    • If the patient has got any medical condition near the neck area.
    • If the patient has got any difficulty in swallowing food stuffs.
    • If the patient has got problems of bleeding.
    • If the patient is taking any blood thinning medication before they opt for this non surgical lipolysis procedure in India.

    This non surgical lipolysis treatment in Mumbai is used for adults to get rid of the fat to improve their look under their chin in an effective and non surgical method. The patient should not get any Kybella non surgical lipolysis treatment in India if they have an infection in the area where the treatment is to be carried out. This treatment has been clinically proven to treat the double chin in patients in an effective manner.

    A look at this non surgical lipolysis treatment in India:

    • The treatment session with Kybella non surgical lipolysis in Mumbai is performed with small sized needles. A topical numbing cream can also be applied for the patients, if they are worried about any discomfort and this is done in many clinics in India.
    • The change that one will see after taking this treatment will depend upon various factors. Some people will generally require 2 to 4 sessions to get the best results.
    • The cost of Kybella non surgical lipolysis Mumbai will differ from one clinic to another and this is why the patient will first need to check the fees of the treatment for each of the session at the clinic.

    Where to get this treatment in India?

    There are various clinics in Mumbai, where one can get the treatments of Kybella non surgical lipolysis from cosmetic/plastic surgeons. One of the best clinics in Mumbai to get this treatment is from The Esthetic Clinics and the doctor who runs this clinic with the experienced staff is Dr. Debraj Shome, who is an experienced and trained facial plastic surgeon in India and he is trained in offering the Kybella non surgical lipolysis treatment to the patients. The patients will first need to visit this clinic and get a quick consultation with the doctor first, before opting for the treatment. This clinic offers competitive pricing for the Kybella non surgical lipolysis treatment.


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