QR 678

    QR 678 Growth Factor Injection Treatment For Thicker hair. the QR 678 is a novel molecule invented and tested in a multi-centric trial and has been shown to be a revolutionary anti-hair loss/ hair growth treatment. The QR 678 is much more advanced than stem cell injections for hair growth or PRP injections for treating hair loss or baldness. 8 injections are given into the scalp skin in the areas of alopecia, 6 weeks apart. Treatment is successful in all forms of alopecia, androgenetic male pattern baldness, female baldness, hormonal hair loss in women, drug induced alopecia and other forms of refractive and difficult to treat hair loss. Since growth factors are anyways normally present in the scalp, the QR 678 injections can be considered a completely natural cure for hair loss. It is because of this that the Times of India, India’s largest and most respected newspaper covered the QR 678 hair treatment invention (latest research in hair care) on the first page of all editions in 2010.