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    Topic:  A look at the procedure of facelift

    One of the most common types of cosmetic surgery is facelift India and it is opted by a wide range of patients in India in order to enhance and define their looks. The surgery of facelift is quite popular with the aging patients in India who want to get rid of the wrinkles and the fine lines of the face to get a youthful appearance. There are various advantages of the facelift surgical procedure. To help one out, this article will take a look at the procedure of facelift.

    What is facelift?

    Technically, this cosmetic surgical procedure is known as rhytidectomy. The facelift cosmetic surgery India acts as a facial toning for the skin to offer the best youthful appearance and define the look.

    There are various surgical techniques that fall under the procedure of facelift surgery in India. In this surgery, the excess facial skin is removed from the wrinkled face and in many cases, the tightening of the tissues underlying the skin can be done or it may not be done as well. In this procedure, the skin of the patient is re-draped on the neck and the face.

    There are various advantages of opting for the facelift surgery to enhance the look. This surgery is performed with general anesthesia or the doctor can also use deep twilight sleep in India.

    The best ideal age of facelift procedure is generally 50 or younger in India; however, this depends on the circumstances of the patient, as why the patient requires this cosmetic surgical procedure.

    What are some of the procedures of this best cosmetic surgery?

    • There are various procedures, which are followed in this cosmetic surgery in India. The incision type that is carried out during the facelift surgery will determine the type of procedure for this surgical treatment and also the portion of the face which is treated. Surgeons can practice various types of facelift surgical treatment.
    • The patients will need to undergo consultation with the doctor to understand the best type of facelift surgery they actually require. There are various factors which will also determine this, such as areas to get improved and the time of the recovery.
    • In the traditional face lift surgery, in the area extending from the front of the ear to the hair line, incision is done. At the bottom of the ears, this incision is created in curve and then behind the ears and this then extends to the end portion of the hair line at the back of the neck of the patient during surgery. The skin is separated from the deep tissues with the help of the incision and this is done with the help of the scissors or a scalpel. This is known as undermining and this also includes the neck and the cheeks. The deep tissues then can be easily tightened with the sutures. In this case, some of the deep tissues can also be removed or left untouched. The experience of the surgeon will determine the excess skin that needs to be removed and then the skin is re-draped. Staples and sutures are used to close the skin incisions.

    Types of facelift in India:

    The SMAS lift:

    Superficial Musculo Aponeuretic System (SMAS) surgery consists of a layer with the suspensory ligaments which causes the fats of the cheek. This allows them best to remain in their original position. The securing and the re- suspending the anatomical layer of SMAS helps with the facial rejuvenation.  This will counteract with the laxity and the gravity.

    Deep plane facelift procedure:

    This is another best procedure of face lift in India and in this procedure, the accuracy depends on the deepening of the folds of the nasolabial fold. This is only done with the consultation of the doctor and it is not suitable for many patients.

    Composite facelift:

    In this face lift procedure, the deep layer of tissues are re-positioned and mobilized.

    Mid face lift:

    When the mid facial areas between the cheeks flatten, it can give women more masculine look. This issue is addressed through this best face lift procedure in India. This face lift is enough to rejuvenate the face and this is much less drastic than that of the full face lift procedure. The best time for this procedure is for those who are mid aged in India. The layers of fats in the cheekbones are repositioned and they are lifted. The lines of nose to mouth are improved and this also includes the cheek bones being rounded.

     Subperiosteal face lift:

    The soft tissues of the face are lifted using this best face lift surgery. The soft tissues are lifted completely away from the facial bones and they are repositioned as appropriate. This helps to correct the folds of the nasolabial and the cheeks which are sagging with this surgery. When it is combined with the standard surgery procedures in India, this can help to provide the patients with rejuvenation, which is longer lasting.

    Skin only facelift:

    This is another best face lift procedure, where the facial skin is only lifted and not the other facial structures, compared to the other types of surgeries. However, this is a short term facial rejuvenation surgery in India and the patient will again need to opt for this. A spiral needle is used in performing this surgery.

    Mini face lift:

    This is similar to the full face lift and the only difference is that the neck is left untouched in this surgical procedure in India. This procedure is also known as the S lift and this is because of the incision shape that is created. This surgical procedure has got less down time and this procedure can also be performed with the help of an endoscope, where the tissues which are soft are re-positioned. The skin is then repositioned with the help of sutures. This is best for those who are aging prematurely.

    Minimal access Cranial Suspension lift:

    This is another type of face lift surgery, where minimal and short incisions are created to correct the facial skins which are sagging. This surgery has got a shorter recovery period in India. The operation of the MACS face lift also takes much shorter time, compared to the other surgical procedures of face lift.

    What about the cost of the facelift surgery in India?

    The cost of this surgery can vary from one best clinic to another in India. This can also vary depending upon the type of surgery that is required in India.

    What are the results of the face lift surgery?

    • The patient will be able to get a rejuvenated look, with the disappearance of the fine lines and the wrinkles. There are various methods that can be used to extend the time period of the result of the surgery, such as: using sun protection and living a healthy life style. The patients will need to follow the instructions of the cosmetics surgeon to get the best result after the surgery in India.
    • Sometimes it can take 2-4 months to recover after surgery, depending on the patient to feel their face as normal in various terms such as the texture of the skin, the tightness and the smoothness of the skin and the sensibility after face lift. The patients can however, present themselves within 10-14 days after the surgical procedure in India.

    How to find the best clinic for this procedure?

    There are various clinics in Mumbai, in India, who can offer this treatment. One of the best clinics for this surgery is the The Esthetic Clinics, which is located in Mumbai, India and run by the best experienced staff and well known facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome.


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