Ultrasonic Lipolysis Cost in Mumbai, India

    Topic:  Why should one opt for Ultra lipolysis treatment?

    There are various surgical and non surgical procedures available in India. There are many clinics which are situated in Mumbai, which offer these top notch surgical and non surgical cosmetic procedures to the patients. These procedures help one to get esthetic looks that they desire to get, enhancing and defining their looks. Some methods can help to achieve the changes to the facial and body features permanently, while others are temporary and one will need to opt for treatment sessions after a specific period of time. One of the most cost effective popular treatments currently in India is Ultrasonic lipolysis. This treatment is offered in various clinics in Mumbai and the cost of the treatment varies from one clinic to another. To know more about this treatment in India, this article will take a look at why one should opt for Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatments from clinics in Mumbai.

    What is Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment?

    The cost effective Ultra lipolysis treatment is carried out with the help of an Ultrasound transducer. This device helps to emit the ultrasound to break down the subcutaneous tissue fat cells. This procedure will not harm any of the organs in the body and this is a safe method to get rid of the fat cells. There is also the tightening of the skin carried out as soon as the fatty cells are broken down from the subcutaneous tissues in the body during the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment. This is to prevent the sagging of the skin as soon as the fatty cells are broken down.

    A look at the procedure of Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment offered in Mumbai:

    • This procedure of cost effective Ultra lipolysis treatment starts with a specific measurement in circumference of the body part which is targeted. A gel is applied on the skin and then the treatment device, i.e. Ultrasound transducer is applied directly on the certain targeted areas of the skin.
    • The applicator device is moved in a circular motion of the gel applied skin, which is the targeted site. To offer a better Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment, a combo is used with a hand piece of radio frequency is used along with this method. The radio waves are transmitted on the targeted body part as the hand piece is rotated in a slow motion.
    • These transmitted radio waves will increase the temperature of the targeted area of the skin to 40 to 50 degree Celsius during the Ultrasonic Lipolysis. This will not cause any burn or damage to the skin but merely increase the temperature. The collagen fibers are contracted from the heat and this will tighten the skin.
    • At the right frequency, during the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment, the fat cell walls will get opened. This is why this is the best treatment for spot reduction and for those who did not get the best benefits from diet and exercise.
    • After this another measurement in circumference is done of the specific area. There are various body parts, such as chin, hip, back and arm, outer and inner thigh and chest. The cost effective Ultrasonic lipolysis treatment in Mumbai is highly effective.

    What are some of the advantages of the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment in India?

    There are various advantages of the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment that is carried out in India at various cosmetics surgery clinics in Mumbai. These are listed below:

    • This treatment is a cost effective treatment and it also saves a lot of time for the patient and the doctor.
    • The treatment is a highly effective one, for an affordable cost treatment to get rid of the undesirable fats in the body and it helps the patient to get their desired physique within a short period of time, without much hassle.
    • This treatment of the cost effective Ultrasonic lipolysis is safe and this is a non surgical treatment. Therefore, there are no stitches or incisions required for this procedure on the body.
    • This procedure is a pain free procedure and the patient is able to get back to their regular life quickly, compared to the surgical treatments.
    • The Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment that is carried out at clinics in Mumbai doesn’t require any anesthesia for the patients.
    • There are various top quality equipments and experienced doctors who carry out the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment at various clinics in There are high satisfaction rate from the previous patients who got this treatment procedure.
    • With the cost effective Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment in Mumbai, there are no chances of scarring or infection occurring due to the non invasive treatment method.

    Are there are possible side effects of the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment in Mumbai?

    This is a non surgical method of getting rid of the fat deposits from the underneath of the skin, from the subcutaneous tissue. Although, this may be a pain free treatment, there are some minor side effects of the cost effective Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment, which is the case with any type of treatments that are available to the patients.

    The patients may feel slight discomfort when the treatment of ultrasonic lipolysis is carried out and this is because certain frequency of noise is spread on the targeted body parts. Some patients can also experience an increase in temperature during the Ultra sonic lipolysis treatment, which is considered normal. However, if the patient feels discomfort with the temperature, more gels can be applied on the targeted body part during the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment.

    How to get the best result out of the cost effective Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment in India?

    There are various recommendations, which a patient can follow to get the best result out of the Ultrasonic lipolysis treatment at any clinic in Mumbai. These tips to be followed are:

    • The patient should refrain from doing any activity right after the Ultrasonic lipolysis treatment, which can cause irritation of the skin. One of the activities that one should not opt right after treatment is the tanning of the skin, whether it is natural or artificial as this can increase the temperature of the body further after the treatment.
    • The patient should avoid opting for a hot shower, sauna or a bath right after the treatment.
    • It is advised that the patients don’t drink any carbonated or caffeinated beverages before or after the Ultrasonic lipolysis treatment in It is best to opt for a low calorie diet and protein for each individual meal and a glass of warm water with the meal.
    • To stimulate the lymphatic system of the body to make the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment a success, the patient should opt for various types of exercises such as aerobic exercises or simply brisk walking and the patient should drink plenty of warm water.
    • The patient should opt for a massage to facilitate the draining of the lymph in the body.
    • The patient should avoid having any alcoholic drink, at least for 48 hours after the Ultrasonic Lipolysis

    What is the cost of the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment in India?

    The treatment of Ultrasonic Lipolysis cost is generally affordable in India. However, the overall cost of the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment can vary from one clinic to another clinic in Mumbai. This is one of the reasons, why one should contact the individual clinic to understand the structure of the cost before opting for the procedure.

    There are various ways to reduce the treatment cost for this procedure. The cosmetic surgery clinics in Mumbai, such as Esthetic clinic offer state of the art facility and use the top quality equipments to offer the best Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment for the patients for affordable cost. There also various factors that can affect the cost of the treatment. Some of these factors are:

    • The skin type
    • The depth at which the ultrasonic lipolysis will be performed.
    • The scheme and the sessions required for the Ultrasonic Lipolysis treatment in
    • The volume and other facilities offered.

    The clinics in India will be able to offer the patients with an estimated cost for this procedure. One of the best facial plastic surgeon in Mumbai is Dr. Debraj Shome, who can offer the best Ultrasonic Lipolysis to a wide range of patients for the best cost and the patients will get access to the state of the art facility of the clinic and best Ultrasonic lipolysis.


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