BOTOX Injections Mumbai – Treatment for Wrinkles & Fine Lines

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This post is about Botulinum toxin – A (Botox Treatment) Injections use. I’d like to make it clear right at the beginning itself that I’ve no financial revelations whatsoever to make for or against the same or the use of any particular trade name under which the same is offered i.e. Botox, Neuronox, Dysport, etc. The term Botulinum toxin A is ascribed as a pharmacological name to the substance. What XEROX is to photocopying, likewise, Botox is a trade name that has been given to Botulinum toxin – A for simple use.

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a kind of substance that has been identified for more than a century and used for wellness purposes for more than 50 number of years. Earlier, it was used for strabismus (commonly grasped as a squinting eye), blepharospasm (inability while opening the eyes), cervical dystonia (wry neck) and hemifacial spasm. In 2002, it had been authorized for relaxing frown outlines/ lines and wrinkles in the location between the eyes on the forehead (glabella) and improving the same & it’s been used efficiently in more than half a million affected individuals since that time. Currently, the US Food and Drug administration (FDA) has authorized botulinum toxin A (Botox) for strabismus, blepharospasm,  aesthetic/ cosmetic improvement of glabellar (brow) rhytides (frown wrinkles & lines), cervical dystonia, and the and forehead frown lines/ wrinkles.

Typical uses of Botox

Currently, botulinum toxin (Botox) is used most likely in managing the hyperfunctional lines. Previously, hyperfunctional lines had been the source of much disquietude for those influenced by them. These fine lines often had the consumers to be misinterpreted as anxious, afraid, fatigued, or irritated. In the past, plastic surgeons only had surgical alternatives in their treatment plans, including excision or implantation of silicone, collagen, or fat. These procedures generally provided minimal refinement to the clients and exposed them to the risks coming handy with surgery. Injections of Botox offer a chance to manage these hyperfunctional lines with least despair. The glabella, periorbital crow’s feet, and forehead areas are the regions that are most likely to get inected.


Etiology of hyperfunctional facial lines causing wrinkles

Wrinkles/ hyperfunctional lines on the face occur as a result of contraction of the underlying facial musles. The facial muscles are complex and responsible for facial expressions. When the facial muscles are contracted repeatedly over a period of many years, it results in causing facial lines/ wrinkles.

Here is the video of Botox Treatment

Botox TreatmentBotox Treatment | Botox Injection (Juvederm, Restylane) in Mumbai, India by Dr. Debraj Shome


7 different toxins lettered A through G are produced by the Clostridium botulinum. All 7 toxins have different antigenic compositions; nevertheless, Botulinum toxin A is used majority of times. Botulinum toxin A (BOTOX) causes muscle tissues to relax by suppressing release of acetylcholine (a neuro-transmitter) at the neuromuscular junction.

The toxin calls for 24-72 hours to show effect, showing the time required for interrupting the synaptosomal treatment. In truly unusual circumstances, some people may require as long as 5 days for the effect to show up.

The effect of botulinum toxin lasts for about 12-24 weeks. The length of action depends! Usually, the effect persists much longer for muscles which are not used that frequently and as the regularity of the action increases, the effect decreases. For instance, the effects last lesser in the areas below the eyes, where the skin is most active and thinner (3 to 4 months) and lasts for a much longer duration on the forehead where the skin is fairly less mobile (lasting 5 to 8 months).


  • Present-day indications for BOTOX® injections comprise of the following:
  • Hemifacial spasm
  • Hyperfunctional lines (eg, forehead, glabellar, platysma, crow’s feet, laugh lines)
  • Blepharospasm (forced, involuntary closing of eyelids)
  • Post–facial paralysis
  • Cervical dystonia (Neural problem causing muscle rigidity)
  • Strabismus (Cross eyes or squinting)
  • Sialorrhea – Increased salivation
  • Hyperhidrosis – Excessive sweating in the axillae, palms and soles of the feet.
  • Migraines and migraine like headaches


Contra-indications to BOTOX® injections comprise of the following:

  • History of reaction/ allergy to toxin or albumin
  • Lactation
  • Pregnancy

Infection at the site of injection

There isn’t any particular proof to show Botox is not safe during pregnancy or in lactating females. Additionally, there’s absolutely NO explanation to believe that Botox that is inserted into the muscles LOCALLY should have any systemic effect at all. Therefore, there isn’t any technical explanation to believe that Botox usage is unsafe in the lactating or pregnant women! Nonetheless, we still opt for making use of Botox in those who are expecting or lactating, only to be more than safe in these unguarded circumstances.

Present Splash

Botox has made a giant splash in the health and beauty market because it is capable of erasing and reducing facial lines and wrinkles. The extraordinary victory of the BOTOX solution has had beauty enthusiasts lining up to get their wrinkles treated. Are Botox treatments risk-free? After all BOTOX is a protein toxin produced by clostridium botulinum bacteria. These clostridia are the first cousin to the usual botulism bacteria. Well, let’s discuss the positives, the negatives, the great and the maybe perhaps not so great with this buzzword that’s these days formally accountable for a great deal of youthful faces all over the world.

The means in which Botox works is that it’s placed into the places where the lines and wrinkles show up, in the muscle tissue. When the Botox is inserted into the muscle tissue mass, the crow’s feet, the frown lines, and laugh lines temporarily vanish. Since Botox usually persists for about 3-6 months, hence the term “temporary” has been used. Botox treatments were authorized by the Food and Drug administration (FDA) as a treatment of muscles that give rise to formation of frown lines.

Botox injections have quickly become the rapidly growing beauty treatment and are expected to be used on over 4.5 million clients in 2006. They’re a lot more popular as compared to breast augmentation. Present botox consumers report that after a few treatments the results of the wrinkle treatment last much longer. Botox treatments although, do perhaps not work for each and every individual. That reported, over 90% of clients who have been surveyed are extremely pleased with this therapy. This short-term treatment for lines and wrinkles have produced much enjoyment in the industry of beauty and health.


A typical misconception is that BOTOX actually paralyzes the muscles in the face and makes people have actually a mask like face! Although, with extreme amounts of BOTOX, this may happen, numerous physicians strive to inject merely the quantity that allows the client to have some limited muscle activity, hence preserving regular facial expressions, but perhaps not so much expression that they’ve increased muscle activity in some regions of the face and resultant lines. Consumers should comprehend that BOTOX is perhaps not used to keep them from expressing themselves but just to keep them from making facial scouls and frowns that have in fact become regular practices and are unintended. Whenever done correctly, numerous people who are not trained cosmetic surgeons will not observe that a BOTOX therapy has been done, but simply that the client seems much happier and rested. Keep this in mind, it’s NEVER the firearm that’s as crucial as the person using it!

The substance BOTOX® comes as a crystalline substance from the maker, which then has to be fixed up using saline. Practitioners add varying amounts of fluid whenever reconstituting it. Although there isn’t any right or wrong volume of fluid to add, numerous physicians add about 2 or 3 mL of saline to each phial. Some physicians add a lot more, which can cause consumers to think they’re getting more BOTOX when, in truth, they’re getting precisely the exact same or less volume of BOTOX than the samples reconstituted in a stronger means. It’s the full dosage of medication, perhaps not the volume of fluid, that leads to the desired outcome.

During the Procedure

The affected individual is placed in a somewhat raised position on the exam table, and the areas to be injected are cleansed with a non-alcohol cleanser, such as Betadine  or Hibiclens. Some physicians will make use of a skin anesthetic cream, like eg. EMLA cream, at this time. After this, the BOTOX is injected into the desired areas. Typical injection practices comprise of about 4 or 5 areas on each component of the forehead and 2 or 3 areas on either eye area. More areas can be inserted by skilled doctors, based on the type of lines and wrinkles and the desired effect for the client. If an area seems to be bleeding after the injection, pressure should be applied to that area in the most typical situation.

After the Procedure

After the injections, the consumer will generally lay upright or semi-upright on the examination table for about 2-5 minutes to ensure he or she is feeling good after the therapy, and, then, the client should remain away from lying directly down for 2-4 hours. If bruising is a concern, it’s likely to be important for the customer to remain away from utilizing aspirin or related products, like naproxen (eg, Aleve) or ibuprofen (eg, Advil) if possible after the therapy to assist keep bruising to a minimum.

There are many physicians who encourage their consumers to use the muscles injected several times during the next few days (by scowling etc), as studies tend to show that this increases the uptake of the Botox into the muscles and the resultant effectuality of the treatment.

Next Steps

Results will be seen clearly within 3-10 days. Photographs may be taken before the therapy so that clients can check their results on their own instead than relying on their memory. It’s astonishing to see how many men and women do perhaps not keep in mind how they appeared before the therapy and are astonished at the difference whenever shown a picture. Prior to having the therapy done, the customer should be prepared to recognize that BOTOX does possibly not truly erase lines but relaxes them. Simply what this means is that a lot much deeper outlines will be somewhat less deep and superficial lines will almost fade away entirely. This can be likened to the work of steaming a garment’s wrinkles instead of having them ironed.

It may be required for the customer to have additional procedures, such as the use of filler substances (eg, Restylane, Collagen, Juvederm Injections) so that the up the wrinkles are plumped up and wrinkles are now relaxed. In addition, it may be required to have 2 or 3 sessions of BOTOX® treatment for much deeper lines and lines and wrinkles before results become optimal.

Dangers of Botox Injections Treatment

Dangers are extremely minor with this therapy. The main potential risks comprise of  discomfort, headache and flu-like illness. In this author’s practice, after-effects take place in less than 0.0001% of injections. These issues are generally small occurrences and resolve with time.

If the customer is reactive to eggs, it’s incredibly important possibly maybe not to use this material because it’s prepared with an albumin (egg protein) base. Additionally, if the customer is expecting, BOTOX is perhaps maybe not recommended.

Results of Botox Treatment

As stated earlier, the results generally start getting noticed within 3-10 days or additionally sooner. They tend to last in numerous people for up to 3 to 6 months. As time passes, the muscle activity will gradually get restored. Additionally, other areas may return to endeavor sooner or later depending on the quantity injected. The interesting thing about BOTOX® is that it tends to-do fairly well additionally up to the third or fourth month, as compared to many other cosmetic procedures that endure a quick time at total energy and then get away quickly (collagen injections are an example of the sort).

Results can differ based on who is performing the treatment on the customer. It’s incredibly important to go to a physician who is skilled in this therapy, does it himself or by herself (as an alternative than having a medical assistant, physician’s assistant [PA], or other non-physician do it), and has a great reputation for doing this sort of therapy. The manufacturers of BOTOX® recommend physicians inject the medication on their own. As with numerous procedures, the capability of the expert is linked to simply how often he or she carries out the therapy.

See the Botox Treatment Before After Photos

Issues of Botox Treatments & whenever to look for healthcare Care

If you’ve got eyelid drooping (ptosis) after a BOTOX® therapy, it’s a great idea to enable the cosmetic surgeon and make him aware because there’s a medicine available to help this condition. Any other issues, such as difficulty in respiration or rashes, should be reported to the doctor.

Prices and Expenditures of Botox Injections

This can be the absolute most challenging concern an office gets in a day. Prices charged can differ from $5 in India to a lot as $ 25 in Ca, per unit. The cost of the therapy varies as it depends upon the total volume of products placed and the amount of sites treated.

Similar Action Competing Things to Botox

There are numerous competing items of Botulinum Toxin sort A, comparable to Botox (manufactured by Allergan). Dysport is currently available in European nations and seems to have fairly the exact same results as the present-day BOTOX®. An Indian organization these days produces a Botulinum Toxin type A as well. While equivalence studies of these competing particles have in fact been fairly proven, this features not stymied the appeal of the BOTOX and the addition of competitors features not driven down the price of BOTOX®.

Dangers of Botox Use & Cons From Industry

In 2005, four hundred thirty six “serious negative event” reports related to Botox® had been reported. Two hundred one of these simple brilliant circumstances had been possibly or mostly because of remote spread of the toxin, including 42 circumstances reported after wrinkle injections. Furthermore in 2005, industry had reported to the Food And Drug management that they had identified 38 clients — 20 children, numerous of them with cerebral palsy, and 18 grownups — who’d skilled seizures after Botox® injections. Neurological uses like use of Botox for cerebral palsy are possibly not FDA accepted and generally require incredibly huge dosages of Botox injections. Actually appears to explanation that number of these unwanted responses had been an outcome of the injection of unwarranted huge dosages of BOTOX by ill-trained people.

What’s additionally stressing is simply how industry educates physicians for the use of Botox both for cerebral palsy (whenever it’s possibly perhaps not authorized for this indicator), and for cosmetic usage as well? Pharmaceutical companies have really created a vast array of courses they sponsor through different CME (Continuing healthcare training) programs. In the deposition for an oft repeated test in which a client passed away because of Botox usage in cerebral palsy, the handling physician (Dr X) reported that he went to two company-sponsored symposiums to discover how precisely to treat cerebral palsy with Botox. Definitely, companies have in fact been recognized to invest the travel expenses of physicians to get to such seminars. Also though the physician called in this fit was maybe perhaps not a neurologist, he was trained to make usage of Botox in cerebral palsy by a company appointed pediatric neurologist.

Likewise, in cosmetics and aesthetics, the circumstances where there are many physicians who are possibly perhaps not Board certified in either cosmetic, aesthetic or plastic surgery procedures, but are making usage of Botox for these indications is rampant and ever increasing. In Asia as well as in the United States, the top most physicians using Botox (by the volume of vials and items used) for visual purposes are all household users physicians or also even worse, cosmetologists – The word cosmetologist of system is not something that denotes anything, because additionally some beauticians use the word and inject Botox. The mind does not fear precisely just what it does not comprehend and we additionally feel that in these circumstances, Botox almost gets treated like a play thing by these people and used indiscriminately by these people in this unholy industry-user nexus! These days, the concern is, as a client would you perhaps not think injections with a perhaps lethal substance be best left alone to physicians trained in these particular specialties or should field in an unbridled work to improve ROI’s and device usage train every Tom, Dick and Harry in the use of the precise exact same, who then goes on to inject material into you?

What’s scarier is that this certain physician (Dr. X) in the above mentioned situation had been evidently taught to use a dosage of Botox in working with children which in truth is two times the optimum dosage. Simply exactly what makes no feeling is which also though product sales representatives of the company visited the physician’s office over 50 times; optimum dosing was never ever chatted about nor was why the customer was hospitalized 10 times for issues related to breathing, while undergoing Botox therapy. This might be a well grasped side-effect which takes place with spread of a botulism based toxin. Why had been the handling doctor unaware of the indicator that the toxin had spread? Had been he unaware that demise can happen as an issue if you’ve got severe problems with swallowing or breathing after treatment? Or is industry simply interested in number of products used, vials utilized and ROI’s to the detriment of the individual being competition?

For instance, while it’s commonly grasped that Botox will reduce the spasticity of the leg and supply muscles in individuals with cerebral palsy, the concern that must be answered is “Is it safe?”What is meant by optimum dose is additionally complicated. Some men and women believe about the optimum dosage in cerebral palsy to be 400 items per visit. Nonetheless, the individual’s weight, muscle mass and serious nature of the illness will change this dosage. So the idea of an optimum dosage for a specific condition is definitely adjustable and physicians should be aware that there are no certain tips, but as an alternative the doctor must understand the toxin, the condition and various factors that determine the working with dosage to be used in a supplied patient.

Cons From Individuals

Frequently people’s wish to save cash takes some beating – while I’m all for cutting a few of visual corners by bagging deals on EBay, there are specific things you should never ever, ever make an effort to scrimp on. Like for instance, your health!

It’s perhaps maybe not a hugely new thing but you can buy Do It Yourself Botox kits on the internet which allow you to freeze your really very own face. Yes, you too can be a cosmetic surgeon with a capability to rival that of Debraj Shome’s. 🙂

Never ever mind these days that it in reality takes training to firstly learn how precisely to supply an injection, perhaps maybe not to aim out the added essential extra of having the comprehension of where the facial muscles are, and where it’s safe to stick a hypodermic syringe. Bad news – and a bad idea – all around.

Cons From Trade

Recent years have in fact seen the use of Botox Facials at salons, parlors and the works. What this in fact means is that Botox evidently is added in the concentration of a few drops to the facial and this evidently leads to lines from the face vanishing! This might be a joke!

Let’s state it once and for all, topical Botox is a sham! It cannot work, simply because Botox is water soluble so it cannot enter the skin unless it’s placed (the epidermis allows entry of just those substances which are dissolvable in oil)! Many parlors claim success making use of gullible individuals for a journey. Therefore, a face may expense simply $ 100, as an option these parlors call it a ‘Botox Facial‘ and charge $ 800! 🙂 Therefore, Botox functions to be placed into the muscles. Stop fooling yourself and stop allowing con artists from fooling you!

The Verdict

Given this information, nonetheless, it must be stated that the Botulinum Toxin type A’s (Botox aesthetic ®) are extraordinarily safe medicines whenever used correctly by a competent physician. Issues occur when greed overtakes discriminatory sensibilities and when you’ve got a manufacturer who is hesitant to acknowledge the genuine volume of unwanted responses. Also, the exact and safe usage of the toxin becomes problematic whenever a physician’s or injector’s expertise and knowledge become dubious. Therefore, an individual must pick their physician extremely very carefully.

Botox TreatmentBotox Treatment | Botox Injection (Juvederm, Restylane) in Mumbai, India by Dr. Debraj Shome

Botox Safer Versus Tylenol / Crocin

The items we also use in these arguments of Botox safety is the conversation of medicine vs poison. The items we like to stress is that even the oft misused over-the-counter available acetaminophen (Tylenol, Crocin, Dolo), a medication which is randomly used by us men and women for every small niggle and that can be bought from the pharmacy even without a prescription, can be dangerous at huge levels! For the average healthy individual, the recommended ideal dosage of acetaminophen over a 24 hour timeframe is four grms (4000 mg) or eight extra-strength pills. (Each extra-power tablet contains 500 mg and each regular power tablet contains 325 mg.) Having stated that, a solitary dosage of 7 to 10 grms of acetaminophen (14 to 20 extra-power tablets) can cause liver harm in the average healthy individual, this level being additionally smaller in the person whom utilizes alcohol regularly! Therefore, the items I’m trying to state is that at the recommended dosage, a substance is a medicine but the precise exact same substance used inappropriately or at extremely big dosages is a poison! The precise exact same is genuine in example of Botulinum toxin usage since well.

Therefore, in summary, Botox is one of the wonders of modern medicine, whenever used correctly plus in the right hands. It’s truly almost a painless therapy as an actually slim needle is used! Many individuals in whom a ten many years ago we would have no option but to perform surgery on for a great deal of indications, can now just be Botoxed and these people can therefore remain away from the side-effects and the time required for data recovery connected with surgery. Just choose the right dermatologist / plastic physician and you are on your technique to a more youthful, fresher, more rejuvenated you! For lots much more information on Botox Injections, please click on our category on Botox Injections & Fillers.

How to find the best doctor for Botox in Mumbai

They say that in Mumbai, you get everything you need. So if you are in Mumbai, you will be guaranteed to get what you want. If you want botox done in Mumbai, it makes sense to search well in Mumbai. The good news is that Mumbai has a wealth of botox doctors available. In Mumbai, if you want to get botox done, the best thing to do would be to find the best doctor you can for it. In Mumbai, there are skin clinics everywhere. In Mumbai, there are some great skin clinics where getting botox done is as easy as pie.

If you are looking for the best doctor for botox in Mumbai, ask around. Whether it is a friend or family member in Mumbai, finding the best botox doctor in Mumbai is all about having the right connections. In Mumbai, there is something for everyone. Getting botox done in Mumbai is going to be fast and effective. Mumbai is the home of the best skin doctors & plastic surgeons in India.

Dr. Debraj Shome is amongst the best plastic surgeons in India and is the co founder of The Esthetic Clinics ®. Dr. Shome is amongst the best doctors for Botox in Mumbai & India. Dr. Shome trains many doctors every year, to assist them inject Botox in their patients better.



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