An In-Depth Overview of Lacrimal Duct Obstruction Surgery

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Lacrimal obstruction surgery is a medical term which signifies the treatment methods of tear system. In simple words, this treatment is used by the people who have tear system blockage. This surgery is meant for nasolacrimal duct. This duct is a tube which drains tears into the nose. For this process, the patient has to undergo a surgical procedure. This procedure is done by creating a hole. This method is known as DCR i.e. Dacryocystorhinostomy. The surgeons create a hole between tear sac and the internal nose. Generally, an excess of tears in adult age is due to poor tear drainage or can also take place due to overproduction of tears.

Causes of blockage:

The blockage at any part of the drainage system prevents an excess of tear drainage. Thus, it is very important to take help of professionals while these conditions occur. Therefore for this, the doctors have to properly diagnose the problem. Taking help of surgeon and following his advice will help the patient get rid out of the problem. The surgeons properly analyze the part of the drainage system is blocked, in order to determine proper treatment.

Treatment of tear system blockage:

When the condition of nasolacrimal duct occurs then the best option that is left to the patient is that of undergoing a surgical treatment. If it is partially blocked then the surgeons detect the area where the blockage has occurred. Then the surgeons apply suitable steps by flushing water through the duct.

DCR is the same procedure of the treatment. The patient can easily get operated by a professional and well-qualified surgeon. For this, the patient does not have to visit the hospital very frequently.

Causes of nasolacrimal obstruction:

There various causes of nasolacrimal obstruction. Some of them have been mentioned under.

  • Sinus problem:

The problem of the sinus is one of the factors of blocked nasolacrimal obstruction. The doctors should enquire the patient about his last sinus surgery because sometimes nasolacrimal duct gets ruptured due to surgery.

  • Fractures and Trauma:

The fractures in Naso orbital may cause nasolacrimal obstruction. The treatment is complete lacrimal drainage system should be chosen by the patients in such cases.

  • Aging:

The factor of aging also causes the problem of nasolacrimal obstruction.

Instruction to be followed by the patient:

After going through the procedure the patient has to follow certain instructions which are as follows.

  • Prevention of nose bleeding is one of the most important instructions. The patient is instructed not blow his nose for at least 5 days after the surgery.
  • Cold compression is the second instruction. To reduce the swelling the patient can apply ice cubes.

Symptoms of nasolacrimal duct obstruction

Following are the symptoms of the nasolacrimal duct obstruction.

  • Eye swelling as well as redness
  • Excessive tearing

Therefore the problem of nasolacrimal obstruction has been clearly explained along with its symptoms, causes, and treatment. So anytime a person feels the mentioned symptoms, should visit the doctor.

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