Lacrimal Duct Obstruction Surgery

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Lacrimal duct obstruction is the obstruction of the tear ducts. There can be more than one reason for blocked tear ducts and it may require a variety of different approaches to cure it. Sometimes, it is a tumor that causes such an obstruction and in this case, the removal of the tumor is what is required to be done. A doctor may also prescribe other ways to shrink the tumor. More alternatives to lacrimal duct obstruction surgery are:

  1. The blocked tear ducts may be the result of an infection and your doctor may prescribe medicines to treat the infection. It may be pills or eye drops.
  2. In the case of babies born with this condition, a lot of the times doctors subscribe to the ‘’Wait and Watch’’ policy. It is a better idea to wait for sometime before prescribing a course of treatment because in babies, this condition may be cured on its own. Sometimes, the doctor may want a certain massage to be done on the affected baby to open up the tear duct. It can have really positive results.

Lacrimal duct obstruction surgery: Opting for it may be the best idea

Sometimes after years of treatment, the condition refuses to go get cured. The only option then left to you is lacrimal duct obstruction surgery. It is a safe procedure which is done by a cosmetic surgeon. It is a treatment procedure commonly used to treat obstructed tear ducts. It is important to remember that your surgeon may decide on a specific procedure depending on your specific condition. It is not a complicated procedure though general anesthesia is used. Sometimes, the procedure gets done by local anesthesia.

The obstruction of tear ducts may cause several problems in day-to-day life. Though surgery may sound scary at first, the truth is that curing of a condition that is causing problems may well be the best way to go about it. Today, the advancements of cosmetic surgery have made such surgical procedures easy and stress-free for patients. India too has its fair share of good clinics where such procedures are performed.

For people considering lacrimal duct obstruction surgery, The Esthetic Clinic in Mumbai is the best place to choose. With a world-class staff and Dr. Debraj Shome, who runs the clinic, one cannot go wrong. The clinic offers a host of cosmetic surgery services.

There are some symptoms of the lacrimal duct obstruction, which can help a patient to understand and approach a doctor in Mumbai to get the best treatment, such as lacrimal duct obstruction surgery. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Excess tearing of the eyes.
  • The white portion of the eye will have redness.
  • The patient will get recurring eye inflammation or infection, i.e. pink eye.
  • The corners of the eyes will get swelling, which are painful in nature.
  • The eyelids will develop crusting.
  • There will be discharge of mucus or pus from the surface of the eyes and from the eye lids.
  • The patient will get blurry vision.

These are some of the common symptoms of getting lacrimal duct obstruction. The doctor will however perform some required tests at clinic in Mumbai to understand whether the patient has got lacrimal duct obstruction or something else before proceeding to surgery or other options of treatment. Many people in India opt for surgery to get permanently cured, unless other factors play their role for this disease. The cosmetics surgery clinics in Mumbai will offer the best treatment and India offers affordable treatment options.

What are some causes of getting lacrimal duct obstruction?

There are various causes of getting lacrimal duct obstruction and these are listed below:

  • Congenital tear duct blockage can occur. Many children are born will lacrimal duct obstruction or blocked tear ducts in India. In such cases, the tear drainage system in these kids may not have been completely developed or there may have been abnormality in the tear duct, causing this issue. Very often, a thin tissue membrane stays on the opening, where empties into the duct in the nose or nasolacrimal duct. Surgery will only be the option if it isn’t cured by other treatments in any clinic in Mumbai.
  • Changes can also occur with aging, which is another common cause in India. The puncta (tiny openings that drains the tear) may get narrowed down and this can cause lacrimal duct obstruction or blockage. This may require surgery from top plastic surgeons such as Dr. Debraj Shome in Mumbai.
  • The inflammation or any infection of the eyes, or the tear drainage system of the eyes or the nose can also cause this blockage.
  • Sometimes any scarring or injury or trauma near the tear drainage system can also cause the blockage of the tear ducts and in many cases loose skin cells and pieces of small dirt can cause blockage in the ducts. This may require surgery at any clinic in Mumbai.
  • Tumors can also cause the blockage of the tear ducts.
  • Treatments of cancers can also cause this disease. This is due to the effect of chemotherapy and also the medication for it to treat cancer.
  • Some eye drop medication, if used for a longer period of time can also cause lacrimal duct obstruction, which may require surgery as treatment from any top doctors such as Dr. Debraj Shome in Mumbai.

Some factors which can increase the chances of getting lacrimal duct obstruction:

  • The age and the gender of the patient also play an important role in the development of the blockage of the lacrimal duct. The women who are old are usually in a high risk of developing the blockage of the lacrimal duct due to age related changes that occur in the body and to cure this one should opt for surgery in India.
  • Glaucoma is another factor which can contribute to the development of the blockage of the lacrimal duct. The medication for glaucoma is generally applied on the eyes and this can increase the chances of getting the blockage of the lacrimal duct if the medications are used for a longer period of time. Many patients opt for surgery to get it treated permanently.
  • Previous surgery of the eyes can also contribute to blockage of the lacrimal duct. The surgery might leave some scarring of the system of the tear duct, which can cause this issue. This can be treated at any good clinic such as Esthetic clinic in
  • Chronic inflammation of the eyes and infections, for example: conjunctivitis and continuous irritation of the eyes can increase the chances of blockage of the lacrimal The top notch clinics in Mumbai such as Esthetic clinic will offer the treatment by using the best medication and equipments.
  • Previous treatment of the cancer and its medication can also act as another factor in the development of this disease. This is also treated at The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai.

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