Things You Must Know About Aesthetic Surgery in India

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Five years ago, the plastic surgery craze hit India, and now, the country is one of the top global hot spots for cosmetic surgery. What sets India apart from Western countries is its concentration on aesthetic surgery. Whereas most patients in the US ask for liposuctions or breast augmentations, Asians are more likely to request facial reconstruction, eyelid surgeries, nose jobs, and wrinkle removals. Here are some things to know about aesthetic surgery in India:

  • Demand and supply are high – According to experts, the cosmetic surgery sector in India has grown from 20% to 30%. Back in 2013, India had 2,150 registered plastic surgeons, which accounts for 5.3% of all the plastic surgeons across the globe.
  • No longer a taboo – Back in the days, Bollywood actors and actresses deny ever getting any work done. But now, aesthetic surgery has become more socially acceptable as a growing number of celebrities are admitting to plastic surgery. Even middle-class Indians are now seeking aesthetic surgeries. Half of patients handled by surgeons are usually locals from India.
  • It’s not just for locals – Medical tourism is also quickly gaining momentum in India. Most tourists have normal travel itineraries in India and then bundle it up with their aesthetic procedures. One of the main reasons why tourists come to India for surgery is because of the low price and high quality expertise.
  • Nose jobs are at the top of the list – According to Indian surgeons, both the young and old are looking to have nose jobs or rhinoplasty. Other popular procedures requested include chin and lip augmentation and electrolysis hair removal as well as facelifts.

Due to the high demand for aesthetic surgery, it’s important that you go to a reputable clinic and only get procedures done by experienced and licensed surgeons. Aesthetic surgery is still risky and should not be taken lightly.

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