QR 678 – Side Effects?

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This might be another question regarding the QR 678 Growth Factor Injections which has been expected repeatedly. I’ll respond to this in this post.

The QR 678 comprises of NATURALLY occuring growth factors. These factors are in any situation found in the regular skin of the scalp. Exactly what we have done that’s far-reaching is that we have spotted the numerous growth factors that are essential for hair growth. We have gone ahead and created these growth factors in the living organism with the help of genetic engineering and tested the mixture in 750 clients in a randomized trial, by inserting the same inside the skin of the scalp.

Here is the video of QR678 Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss TreatmentHere is the video of QR678 Hair Loss Treatment


A) The QR 678 comprises of ‘material’ typically present within the skin of the scalp.

B) We recharge these ‘materials’ which have actually become exhausted in people that are suffering from hair loss.

C) Growth Factors are nothing but, proteins. As these proteins are inserted in the superficial most part of the skin of the scalp and the injections do NOT go beyond the skin barrier, these growth factors are NOT absorbed systemically into the blood stream.

D) The only after-effect we experienced in our trial was mild infection in one of the patients. This person had dandruff which was pre-existing and it was treated. Even after the dandruff being treated, the person had developed a mild infection of scalp, which responded well to oral antibiotics. And, one out of 750 customers is 0.13%! Compare that with the after-effects of classical common medical procedures.

See the QR678 Treatment Before After Photos-

Hope that clears all doubts.

For even more detailed information on QR 678, read the other blog posts in this blog series or on the blog sites written by my colleague Dr. Rinky Kapoor (rinkykapoor.com)


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