Mid-Face Lift – Scarless Removal of Facial Wrinkles & Lines

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Mid-Face Lift by the means of Extensive Blepharoplasty Approach

What is Face Lifting treatment (Face Lift Meaning): A facelift, theoretically understood as a rhytidectomy [Greek (rhytis) “wrinkle” + (ektome) “excision”, surgery for elimination of wrinkles), is a kind of face cosmetic surgery procedure utilized to eliminate face lines and wrinkles (anti-aging) and provide a more youthful look to the face. There are numerous techniques of surgery. It generally involves the treatment of extra facial skin, using the redraping of the stretched skin, and the tightening of underlying tissues, on the patient’s face and neck, which in turn makes the patient look younger than his actual age (antiageing). Facelifts may additionally be efficiently merged with eyelid “bags removal” surgery (blepharoplasty) & other facial procedures & are usually done under basic anesthesia. Facelifts are amongst the absolute most popular aesthetic (antiageing /antiaging / anti-aging) surgeries done all over the world.

Here is the video of Face Lift Surgery

Facelift Surgery TreatmentFacelift Surgery, Best Anti-Aging Wrinkle Treatment Rhytidectomy Mumbai India

How does the aging process impact the face?

As age advances, gravity and fat deflation (loss of amount) rob us of facial fullness. One location in which these results can be seen is the midface location. The midface is the location from the lower eyelids to the nasolabial folds (laugh lines), which are the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth. With time, the midface region descends and gets flattened (loses volume). This can make the laugh lines really prominent while making a person look much more exhausted or older than he/she actually is.

Round facial contours and midface/cheek projection is the level of childhood and beauty. A midface raise can beautifully restore the youthful contour and three-dimensional projection to the midface location, that makes individuals look more youthful.

Who can get benefited from a Mid-face lift?  

As men and women age, the mid face location, the region between the cheeks, gets flattened and makes us look older. The mid face-lift is recommended to individuals where these modifications happen, however without a significant level of jowling or sagging of the throat. In these situations a mid face-lift is adequate to renew the face opposed to a complete facelift, which is a more drastic surgery. A perfect candidate for a mid face-lift is whenever an individual is in their 40s, or if the cheeks appear as if sagging and the nasolabial location (laugh line area) features laxity or skin folds.

How is a mid-face lift done?

To attain a more youthful look, in a midface lift, the doctor can make use of a combination of a number of little incisions along the hairline and inside the mouth, the fatty tissue layers can thus be lifted and rearranged. This way there are virtually no scars.

A mid-face lift can additionally be done by means of a trans-conjunctival incision (an incision made from the interior of the eyelid – Through the internal red part of the eyelid). This conjunctival incision is additionally utilized in a blepharoplasty surgery (i.e. an eyelid bags elimination surgery). The blepharoplasty incision guarantees that the incision is concealed and is not visible on the face and is therefore ‘scarless’. By means of the trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty incision, the fatty layer that lies over the cheekbones is additionally lifted and repositioned. This makes the nose-to-mouth lines better and the youthful roundness over the cheekbones is brought back to normal. The recovery time is instead quick in this treatment, no stitches/ scars are noticeable on the face and this procedure is usually combined with a blepharoplasty (eyelid bags/ eyelid puffiness removal surgery). (For lots more information on eyelid surgery incisions, Please go to the eyelid surgery category on our blog)

See the Facelift Surgery Before After Photos-

In conclusion, the mid face lift is a minimally unpleasant surgery, which can prompt you to look much younger and remove lines and wrinkles from your face. This surgery can be done with no noticeable incisions (scarless), is anti-aging and you can heal quickly from this surgery.


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