Lip Augmentation via Lip Injections: Are Bigger Lips More Feminine?

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Do Ladies Look More Feminine with Larger Lips? Will Lip Enhancement / Lip Augmentation (via Injections / aesthetic operation) allow you to appear much more Feminine and gorgeous?

Lips are a noticeable body component at the lips of people. Human lips are a tactile sensory organ, and can be erogenous whenever utilized in kissing and other functions of closeness. A woman’s lips are additionally a noticeable expression of a woman’s fertility. In studies done on the science of human attraction, psychologists have actually determined that a woman’s attractiveness, both, facial & sexual, are closely connected to the makeup of her hormones during puberty and development. Complete lips with an accentuated edge have actually frequently been linked with youth and beauty. In contrast to the results of testosterone on a man’s facial framework, the impacts of a woman’s oestrogen levels serve to keep a fairly “childlike” and youthful facial framework during puberty and at the time of final maturation. It’s been shown that the more oestrogen a girl has, the bigger her eyes and the fuller her mouth, characteristics which are supposedly observed as more feminine. Studies done by sexual psychologists have additionally discovered that universally, guys find a woman’s fuller lips to be much more appealing from a sexual point of view than lips that are less so. A woman’s lips may therefore be intimately appealing to men because they serve as a biological indicator of a woman’s well being and fertility. In reality, a woman’s lipstick (or any kind of lip beautification / augmentation / enhancement) tries to take benefit of the reality by creating the impression that a woman has more oestrogen than she in fact has, and therefore that she is more fertile and appealing.

In both, guys and females, size of the lips is associated with sexual attraction. Females are drawn to guys with masculine lips, that are more middle size and may not be too huge or too little; they’re to be tough and sensual. In basic, the scientists discovered that a little nose, big eyes and voluptuous lips are sexually attractive both in males and females.

Before Lip Enhancement

Before Lip Enhancement

Lip Augmentation Filler Injections

Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Filler Injections

Lip Enhancement: Does it mean looking Duck Like or Platypus like? I see such unnatural looking lips everywhere, will I look like that?

Bad Lip Augmentation Surgery

Lip Augmentation Gone Wrong

The typical “duck / Platypus Lip” or tell tale indication of lip augmentation is inserting too much filler along the vermillion edge (where the epidermis meets the red component of the lip).  More is not always better here! The very first thing an experienced plastic/cosmetic doctor will inform you, is to comprehend the limitations of what’s feasible in the top mouth.  The duck costs is the outcome of abnormal overfill in the upper lip.  It’s made even worse whenever amount is put in the lip about the vermillion lip border.  One of the keys is to value that in a given lip, just a specific quantity of amount is appropriate. In addition, extra amount is likely required in the lower lip to assist in keeping the volume relationship intact between the two lips. There are limits of exactly what can be accomplished with any given treatment, and that’s the reason you should look for the solutions of a doctor skilled with lip augmentation.  Someone with an aesthetic bent of mind who can see curves and contours and not simply straight lines.

See the Lip Augmentation/ Implants Before After Photos

Operation or Filler Injections for Lip Enhancement / Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is a kind of aesthetic surgery or non-surgical procedure that aims to enhance the look of the lips by increasing their fullness through enhancement.

Lip Augmentation Filler Injections

Lip Augmentation with Fillers Before After Photo

Though a variety of operative procedures used to be tried, presently the absolute most predictable, almost pain less and fast procedure for lip enhancement/ lip augmentation are using the usage of lip filler injections. Fillers are collagen (natural) related and are inserted into the mouth with extremely slim 30 or 31 gauge needles (about the depth of a dozen human hairs). Today’s fillers additionally come pre-loaded with a topical anesthetic serum / gel which prevents discomfort.

  • Radiance, a synthetic, laboratory produced solution containing calcium hydroxylapatite (bone) suspended in a serum, that has been safely utilized in medication for many years. Some studies suggest Radiance can last between three and five years.
  • Restylane, a non-animal, clear serum that’s reported to be really close to the Hyaluronic acid found in the body naturally itself. In accordance to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there had been 778,000 instances of Restylane injection in 2006, the absolute most recent year for which statistical data is available. The substance generally lasts six months and, often, much longer.
  • Juvederm like Restylane, is a hyaluronic acid based filler. This might be an obviously occurring sugar in our systems, therefore it’s effortlessly acknowledged by the body and perhaps not most likely to produce an effect like you can get with man-made artificial representatives like silicone and Artefill. Juvederm Ultra XC, today features pre-built lignocaine (a topical anesthetic) so that the filler injection becomes practically pain-free. Juvederm and Restylane work extremely well for lip improvement, and while perhaps not United States (US) FDA-approved for this use, they’re very safe and effectively utilized on a daily basis in our training.
  • For more information on Juvederm and Restylane fillers injections for lip improvement, read our article on fillers.


  • Your lips are delicate and, whenever injected, can lead to discomfort and cause pain. Numerous physicians give dental blocks for this, but we utilize a strong formula of topical ointment, which works incredibly well to eliminate any discomfort.
  • I am not in favor of dental blocks because they can distort the normal movement of the mouth and cause extra inflammation, which can make it hard to see what is from the block and what is from the filler.
  • Lip augmentation/enhancement involves more than just having the lips injected. You must additionally include volume and restore the corners of the lips, below lip location and usually the jaw and chin as well. It’s just through this procedure of restoring the lost support of the lower third of the face which you can restore normal looking lips without causing a distorted over-filled look, which we all have actually seen while walking the roads.
  • I also make it a point to use ice application before, during and after lip augmentation, which assists in reducing the discomfort and post-procedure inflammation.
  • Additionally, unless there is a health explanation perhaps, I ask my patients to discontinue aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medicines at minimum 5 days prior to the treatment. This assists in reducing the possibilities of bruising.
  • My biggest tip is to invest time choosing the physician for you. Perhaps not all physicians are produced equal. You’ll need somebody who is well trained and a professional in this field, not your family physician. Make certain you see examples of his or the her work and ask people who have actually taken treatment from them.
  • Keep in mind, cost should never be your primary consideration whenever selecting a great aesthetic surgeon; knowledge, education and training are all crucial factors whenever making this crucial decision.

To see the video of a 26 year old lady, who underwent filler based lip enhancement with Dr. Debraj Shome, click here:

In summary, lip augmentation/ lip enhancement with filler injections (fillers) like Restylane, Juvederm is extremely safe, predictable and titrable. This might be an out-patient procedure, which is often done in your doctor’s workplace, using topical / local anesthesia. Larger mouth, artistically improved through Juvderm and Restylane filler injections, are certainly much more feminine and can be a genuine asset on a woman’s facial features.


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