How to treat droopy eyes?

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Droopy eyes are more common as a problem of the ocular region than you might have imagined. The best means to get rid of this problem of droopy eyes is to go in for cosmetic eyelid surgery. The problem of droopy eyes is pinned on to heredity in most cases. This is a surgery-based procedure that will help patients with drooping eyes improve their appearance. The procedure is best done under trained hands with expert opinion at the forefront.  Dr. Debraj Shome is a trusted name in this genre of ocular-plastic surgery.

The entire procedure might take one to three hours and results in tighter skin in the eyelid area and contributes to a better appearance. The completion time for recovery from this procedure is estimated to be around a month to a month and half.

When the eyelid’s edge falls to a low level and cover most part of your pupil, your visions might be blocked. This could be a defect you are born with but might also arise due to aging structures around the ocular region. In the most typical cases, the muscle, tendon, which is responsible for the lifting of your eyelid stretches to the point that it fails. The surgery performed intends to repair the tendon concerned.

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