Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Beautiful Eyes & The Art of Eye MakeUp

There is truth in the adage that "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Social norms decree that we look at the eyes when we interact. This makes sure that the eyes become central to

The Most Beautiful Women – What Makes People Good Looking?

Beauty, being beautiful & handsome is as much science as it is art. Studies with babies suggest that ‘beauty detectors’ are hard-wired in our brains from birth, such that the infants consistently gaze longer

Celebrity Beauty Secrets Makeover Tips

Celebrities define fashion & lifestyle trends, wherever they go, whatever they do. When it comes to looks & beauty, the divas & celebrities (actors & actresses) in the Hollywood & Bollywood circuit have no other option, but to look

Moles Skin Lesions & their Removal

moles can occur on many parts of the body, including the face. Patients are genetically predisposed to develop moles. Each & every skin mole should be viewed with suspicion & moles should be promptly removed in cases of

How to Remove & Get Rid of Face Wrinkles – Rhytidectomy Treatment

As we age, the facial tissues tend to droop, due to the action of gravity. Facelifting treatment elevates the facial tissues, restoring the youthful facial contours. Surgical face lift can be performed

Beauty Tips & Best Beauty Treatments

Whether you are getting ready for the festival season, for a wedding or just for a normal day, these best beauty tips are affordable & very safe. Most of these beauty tips & beauty treatments may cost less

Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Freckles, Dark Spots Best Treatment

Increased skin pigmentation or Hyperpigmentation refers to areas of skin where an excess of melanin has been produced and formed deposits, causing skin patches that appear darker than the surrounding skin. Common skin areas (sites of pigmentation)

Best Keloid Scar Treatments

Skin scarring is the process by which skin wounds are repaired. Damage to the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis, is required to produce a scar. These are several different types of skin scars including Keloid scars, Contracture scars,

Best Hair Doctor in Mumbai for Baldness

What are causes of hair loss? Can hair fall be reduced? How can we stop & prevent hairfall? What is the latest research on hair growth? Do PRP, Stem Cell therapy & QR 678 hair growth factor

Skin Care Tips – Do Facials (Face Treatments) Work?

When it comes to looking younger, many of us don't want the latest medical treatment. We want to take an alternative or holistic approach, non-invasive & non-surgical. So, typically all skin care tips & beauty