Dr. Debraj Shome Changes Nose and Life of Top Model from the UK

    Celebrated plastic surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome, who undertakes cutting-edge and life-saving surgeries every day has been recently instrumental in helping of the UK’s top fashion models regain her professional life back.

    Michelle from the UK is a model and needed a nose job to be done to help her accentuate and leverage her stunning looks to win more assignments. Dr. Debraj Shome helped refine her large and crooked nose and get the necessary balance to her features. Her nose now looked nice and delicate.

    Michelle was ecstatic with the results. She had searched online for the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in the world and was surprised to see results showing a Mumbai-based doctor. Though initially apprehensive, she still decided to take a look. She went through Dr. Shome’s website and work in detail. She also saw the large number of accomplishments and awards the doctor had to his name. Her last doubts were completely erased once she went through reviews by patients. A last bit of a favourable surprise awaited her when she contacted Dr. Debraj Shome’s clinic. She found out that the surgery would cost her a fraction (approximately one-fifth) of what it would have cost her in the UK.

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