QR 678 – Best Hair Growth, Prevent Hair Loss Treatment FAQ’s.

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Have encountered a few doubts regarding the QR 678 hair growth treatment (erroneously additionally termed as hair growth stem cell therapy) the past few days, despite previous posts elucidating the same points. Anyways, let us answer those, but initial things first. Please read these post links offered below very carefully, so the questions are not duplicated:

QR 678 Treatment FAQ’s

1) What exactly is the QR 678 hair growth therapy? Why is it a novel hair growth revolution, that has captured the world? Will QR 678 work in every single individual? Will QR 678 work in hereditary baldness/ male pattern hereditary baldness/ feminine baldness? Is it truly the best hair growth therapy presently available in the world?


2) What’s the novelty in QR 678?


3) Does the QR 678 therapy include any after-effects?


4) Exactly how is the QR 678 better or different as compared to the hair transplants (FUT/ FUE, etc)?

Well, let us consider hair as a ‘resource’. If we do that, then in many individuals it’s a resource that is attenuating! In a hair transplant, the hair from your very OWN scalp (i.e. from the back of the male scalp, in which the testosterone does perhaps not lead to hair fall) is re-located back to cover the balding regions on the head. Kind of, cut a ‘garden’ of hair out, cut individual trees out and grow them again where the head is uncultivatable, in ones, twos and threes. Therefore, in hair transplant, it’s chiefly your own hair that are being transplanted again into your scalp, plus the fact that at minimum you lose 10 – 15% hair follicles (even by conventional quotes) during this procedure, which signifies that hair transplants actually result in diminution of your ‘resource’ (hair) further, and undoubtedly do NOT do anything to grow your own hair! In contrast, the QR 678 are development factors which are revolutionary because they cause your earlier reducing hair (almost dead and hardly microscopically noticeable hair follicles) to renew and GROW. So, your depleting hair resource grows further!

But, as the QR 678 won’t work in regions that lack hair follicles (also microscopic), the FUT, FUE and the QR 678 are most likely subsidiary treatments, in at least some individuals, and may work well in a few. But, yes, also in such conditions, the best thing is to do the QR 678 first, so the scalp scarring triggered by transplants does not impact the effectiveness of growth factors. Apart from this, if the growth factors lead to hair growth, clearly the need for the hair transplant regions will reduce drastically!

Here is the video of QR678 Hair Loss Treatment

Best Hair Growth TreatmentBest Hair Growth Treatment in Mumbai India | QR 678 | Hair Fall Solution – Dr. Debraj Shome

5) Exactly what is the difference between the QR 678 and platelet derived growth factors?

Extremely, extremely different! Totally different derivations of growth factors! And in addition, many individuals expect much more from the platelet and plasma derived growth factors. The QR 678 has been shown to work in a Randomized, Placebo Controlled Clinical test of over 750 customers!

6) Where is the stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 trials information on QR 678 available?

For more information on the means QR 678 had been devised:


These have actually perhaps not been publicized on the general public domain yet. We are waiting for approval from the FDA on whether this will be a medicine or a product (since it’s not consumed into the body and causes NO damage to the body and is therefore bio-inert almost SYSTEMICALLY, qualifying for labeling as a cosmetic or a device and avoiding the undue delays linked with DRUG FDA approvals) and that will ascertain exactly what gets into the general public domain. The information requires to be protected to avoid intellectual property theft and loss.

7) Will the QR 678 injections require to be readministered?

The trials went on for duration of 2.5 years and no client required a repeat injection, within this 2.5 years. But, we actually have information available just for the 2.5 years of test and will perhaps not understand if people need repeat injections later than that time.

See the QR678 Treatment Before After Photos-

Dr. Debraj Shome is part of the creator group of QR 678 and the major investigator of the trial. He is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the world and is presently based in Mumbai, India.

To gather more information on the work done by Dr. Debraj Shome:



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