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    Topic:   A look at the non surgical method of Ultherapy

    With the increasing age one can find him/her self dealing with the wrinkles and sagging skin or with a drastic weight loss, one can find that with the fat removed from the body, there are a plenty of excess skin from the previously stretched out skin and this will cause wrinkles and sagging and damage the appearance of the skin. This is why many people opt for cosmetic procedures which come with affordable cost to treat this issue of loosened and wrinkled skin. Along with surgical procedures, due to the advancement in the technology, there are also various top notch non invasive treatments for this issue in India that patients can opt for. One of the non invasive treatments is the cost effective Ultherapy. There are various clinics in Mumbai which offers the cost effective Ultherapy treatment for the patients. This article will take a look at this non surgical method of Ultherapy in India.

     A look at the Ultherapy treatment in Mumbai:

    • Ultherapy treatment is one of the non invasive treatments that are gaining popularity in India. There are various advantages of Ultherapy and this is why many patients are opting for this treatment. The cost of this treatment is affordable and the result is highly effective.
    • This treatment of cost effective Ultherapy is safe and it has been tested by the FDA. Clinics in Mumbai offer this treatment through ultrasound energy to lift the sagging and wrinkled skin and tighten the skin in the best possible way to offer a youthful look to the face. There is no downtime for the
    • This treatment of Ultherapy in Mumbai will help to lift the sagging skin of the neck, eyebrow and the chin. This procedure that is carried out in clinics in India will help to improve the appearance of the lines on the skin to appear a youthful look to the skin without much hassle or any stitches on the skin.

    How will Ultherapy help the patient in India?

    • Ultherapy will help to lift up the sagging brow in any clinic offering this treatment in Lift in the eyebrows can be of minimum 1.7 mm and this can happen after a single treatment from any cosmetic surgery clinic in India. The maximum lift that one can get from Ultherapy is about 1.9mm, which will improve the look of the face and this will also define the face. This treatment doesn’t use any injections or needles. The patient will get a more refreshed look from this quick non invasive surgery. This can be evident by seeing the before and after results pictures.
    • Ultherapy is also the best treatment for the neck lift and lifting the sagging skin of the chin. This treatment is the best for any men or women with sagging skin with mild or moderate laxity. The tissues underneath the skin are lifted up in the areas which are tough to treat by other methods. The Ultherapy treatment in India will also help with the new collagen growth underneath the skin and this will improve the elasticity of the skin and offer the patient with a more youthful look. This treatment will help to improve the skin up to 6 months time without any hassle. There are no severe side effects of this treatment.
    • Another aging sign that can occur on the body is the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the décolletage. This treatment of cost effective Ultherapy in India will be able to help the patient to get rejuvenated skin of the décolletage. The results are generally visible on the 90th day to 180th day and this can vary from one patient to another.

    How does Ultherapy treatment in India actually work?

    This treatment of Ultherapy, which is available at many of the cosmetics surgery clinics in India works in a safe and effective way to help to diminish the visible fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. This treatment will help the skin to feel rejuvenated and provide it with a youthful appearance.

    • During Ultherapy, the collagen production is stimulated with the help of the Ultrasound emission on the targeted area on the skin. This ultrasound of the Ultherapy at the clinics in Mumbai is applied on the foundation layer of the skin. This is done without creating any incision or stitches required on the skin.
    • The frequencies of the ultrasound during Ultherapy bypass the skin surface of the targeted skin area. The perfect depth and the temperature are determined by the cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedure on the patient. This will trigger a natural response underneath the skin, which will start the rejuvenation process of the skin in a natural way, with the help of the cost effective Ultherapy treatment at the cosmetic surgery clinics in This will help with the fresh production of the collagen, which will improve the look of the skin, by diminishing the sagging and wrinkled skin.

    The phases of Ultherapy treatment at the clinics in Mumbai:

    There are 3 phases of this treatment at the clinics in Mumbai which offers Ultherapy and these are mentioned below:

    • The inflammatory phase of Ultherapy is where the Thermal coagulation point (TCP) is created with the help of the Ultrasound technology with the visualization (MFC-V). The TCP will then start the body’s natural healing process and this will heal the wound in a natural way. The tissue which is compromised during the Ultherapy is absorbed by the body.
    • The proliferative phase is where the fresh collagen that is produced is deposited.
    • The remodeling phase of the Ultherapy is where the collagen fibers, which are healthy and newly produced, will continue to get deposited and this helps to lift and rejuvenate the skin in a natural manner.

    Will the treatment of Ultherapy at the clinics in Mumbai work as facelift?

    Although, it will give a specific lift to the face by diminishing the wrinkles and the fine lines and giving it a youthful appearance, Ultherapy treatment in Mumbai will not copy the results of a facelift procedure. This is definitely a cost effective and alternative cosmetic treatment for the facelift, which is best for those who don’t want to go underneath the knives and get scars and stitches. Ultherapy will offer the best benefits.

    There is also no downtime with the procedure of Ultherapy which is done at the cosmetic surgery clinics in India.

    The Ultherapy treatment is different than the typical laser treatment, which is also offered at various cosmetics clinic in India. This treatment completely relies on sound therapy to offer the best results; on the other hand, the laser treatment uses light energy in order to reach the superficial layer of the skin to rejuvenate the skin as it cannot reach the deep layers of the skin.

    How long does the treatment of Ultherapy at clinics in India actually take?

    • The Ultherapy treatments can actually take 60 to 90 minutes and this will depend on the patient who is taking the treatment. The chest skin rejuvenation however takes less time, around 30 minutes.
    • The patients will be able to get back to their regular routine after few minutes after the Ultherapy Further instruction can be provided by the doctor who is treating the patient at the cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai.

    What about the cost of the Ultherapy treatment at the cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai?

    The cost of this treatment of Ultherapy can easily vary from one clinic to another in Mumbai. However, the patient will need to confirm about this with the clinic. In general, Ultherapy cost in India is very much affordable and many patients are opting for this procedure. Many clinics offer Ultherapy in Mumbai, which offer the prospective patient with the approximate cost required for this treatment. This treatment method offers a precise precision at the correct depth by using the right temperature.

    The cost of Ultherapy treatment depends upon various factors. Some of the factors are: the type of skin, the depth of the skin, the volume of the skin that is to be treated and various other facilities offered by the clinic. Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best and experienced face plastic surgeons in India, who offers the Ultherapy treatment to the patients with an affordable cost at The Esthetic Clinics. He is based in Mumbai.


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