Tips to Enhance Your Hair Growth

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Naturally good looking hair is a sign of a healthy body. The hair reflects the body’s state of health and hair loss is one of the major problems in modern times. Here are a few tips to improve hair growth.

It is all in the nutrient intake:

Hair is made up of Keratin, which is a protein. We get our daily protein via the food we intake which then assimilates into the blood stream. Eating foods rich in Keratin complex would help in enhance hair growth naturally. Collagen and gelatine are great hair growth boosters and intake of either of these would aid hair growth in leaps and bounds.

Maintaining stomach acid levels

The stomach acid is one of the primary requirements for digestion. It is a known fact that a large part of the food we intake passes through our body without any actually nutrient assimilation due to the simple fact that the stomach acid is too less to digest the food and extract the nutrients properly. With the reduction in acid levels, the food stays back in the stomach without digestion and causes heartburn, and when finally, the food is digested, most of it is excreted as waste. Maintaining a healthy diet and proper acidity levels is essential for nutrient assimilation.

Balancing hormone levels

Certain hormones in the body like the cortisol (stress hormone), which in really low levels, affect metabolism and in turn hair growth. The thyroid hormone also affects hair growth in excess levels, and thyroid imbalance actually triggers other changes in the body. Improper estrogen levels (with many toxins affecting the body the way estrogen does) are also main reasons for improper hair growth and excessive hair fall. Maintaining proper hormone levels is a must for effective, long term hair fall cure.

Using certain items externally and internally

The Indian Gooseberry: This is one of the predominant ingredients in the modern day hair oils, and is a natural aid for hair growth.


Our hair is made of keratin and since eggs are packed with this protein and Biotin, they are good for our hair by repairing damage and strengthening hair follicles. Eggs have become primary products in certain shampoos and also a major component in hair care serums.

Coconut oil:

It is an age old remedy. Coconut oil works in the simplest of forms – it repels the water residing in each of the hair follicles and damaging the roots because it is hydrophobic. Applying a coat of coconut oil regularly makes sure hair is not subjected to moisture and dampeners that aid hair fall.

There are other ingredients like lemongrass and horsetail that are effective in aiding hair growth.

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