Remove That Extra Fat with Non- Surgical Liposuction in Mumbai

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The advances in the realm of technology have taken a toll on the lives of people. People rarely and barely find time to exercise so that they can keep themselves in shape. Busy lives have rendered people to eat junk food and the availability of almost everything at the tip of a finger has also limited the physical activity of the body which is ultimately resulting in obesity. To assist such people who have excessive body fat and wish to get rid of this, here we have given information about some treatments regarding non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai so that they manage their body and the fat aptly.

Following fat removal methods fall under non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai:

  • Radio frequency: This treatment is mostly followed by the patients who, despite diet and rigorous physical exercise are unable to get rid of their fat. Radio frequency involves application of a radio frequency that heats the fat within body without any external instrument touching the body of the patient. The radio frequency emitter heats from the skin from a distance of one centimeter. This way, fat cells are subjected to the required heating without having any adverse impact on the other types of cells within the skin. This way excessive fat is melted which is then excreted by the body naturally.


  • Ultrasound: The fat removal process involving low frequency ultrasound is called Cavitation. The low frequency ultrasound field generated by an adequate mechanism is in the form of heat and pressure. Fat cells in our body, do not posses any structural support to bear the vibration effect thus produced. Hence, Cavitation affects these fat cells and breaks them down into triglycerides. The Cavitation do not cause any adverse effect on other tissue in the skin such as vascular or muscular. The soluble part of the melted fat gets dissolved in the water in the body while the insoluble part is taken by the fatty acids in the body.


  • Laser liposuction: Of all the methods available under non-surgical liposuction in Mumbai, laser liposuction is the most preferred one as it offers quick recovery and better results. Laser liposuction involves heat generated by fiber-optic lasers the wavelength of which varies depending upon the treatment. The heat produces by the mechanism is used to melt fat in the body. The Laser liposuction treatment also adds to the production of collagen (a type of protein that imparts strength and elasticity to the skin).

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