Botox Injections, Prevent Wrinkles, Anti-Aging Treatment

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Botox Injections Treatment (Botulinum Toxin) is the new age health wonder to treat facial lines & lines and wrinkles. Botox is used by famous people, middle class and ordinary men and women in the pursuit to have a breathtaking, wrinkle free face (anti-aging). But, can Botox, if inserted into the face muscles previously in life, in fact prevent lines and lines and wrinkles from developing? i.e. Can Botox treatment be a preventive anti-ageing treatment?

Lines, Wrinkles on the face are produced by the muscles of the face, which contract at the time of causing facial expressions. The contraction of these muscles, in turn, cause lines and wrinkles in the epidermis of the face. Therefore, in concept, if you were to never move a muscle of your face, you’d never have a facial line! But, that’s perhaps not feasible. We chat, we laugh, we snigger, we cry and all this might be depicted by facial expressions. Usage of these muscles throughout life leads to formation of facial lines. At very first, the face lines are dynamic – They occur just on motion or on facial expression. But, gradually, these powerful lines be fixed – They’re now present at rest too! Type of exactly how whenever a fabric is initially crumpled lightly, the lines and wrinkles may be also extended away, but hefty crushing / crumpling means the lines are set and will require ironing.


Face Expression Muscles

Muscles causing facial Expression

Since we cannot stop making facial expressions, facial lines be a figment of time – As we age, they develop, and quickly become current at all times (fixed). In our 20’s and very early 30’s we start to see subdued indications of the aging process, small lines and wrinkles here and there, but is it truly sufficient to begin treating with Botox? Therefore, if you have Botox injections in your very early 20s, can you avoid future lines and wrinkles and the aging process altogether? At some point more youthful customers are likely to get old, therefore is trying to put a halt on the process forward thinking?

Botox Injection

Well, it’s kind of intuitive, isnt it? If you prevent the lines and wrinkles from developing there’s every explanation to think you’ll have nicer, smoother, younger searching epidermis as you develop older. Type of like the circumstance with sunlight publicity – even at your young age, compare the skin quality on the outside versus the inside of your arm, start to see the stain and harm currently or compare your skin with your baby’s skin texture.

The absolute most typical preventive steps taken at this very early phase (20’s and 30’s) are generally topical/health associated and do not involve injections. There are a broad variety of non-injectable solutions, ranging from using sunscreen to avoiding cigarette smoking. Exactly what these topical steps perhaps not supply is much deeper solution under the skin at the muscles. As soon as the muscles are calmed by Botox therapy, they prevent lines and wrinkles that do not occur from developing by tightening the skin and therefore put a hold on the aging process to a greater level than many other steps.

Therefore, it makes sense to avoid permanent creases, lines & wrinkles & prevent the aging process changes as best you can by properly timed Botox injections. Nevertheless, determining when to start is the problem, definitely when you begin to observe the faintest lines may be the time to start with tiny doses, to avoid additional development of lines. Shots of Botox (Botulinum Toxin) will get clear of these small flaws at this phase and have in fact an anti aging impact, but most essentially Botox at a very early age is preventative for subsequent indications of more significant aging. Early Botox will additionally avoid these very early lines from deepening, which can put a hold on the need for more aggressive cosmetic surgery steps, such as a facelift, at a later stage. Maybe not just that, Botox assists to offer the skin a shine by minimizing surface pore size and impacting the sebaceous glands, which has shown to enhance the skin’s radiance & texture.

Friends and family members may state you don’t require it, but as a plastic surgeon, I differ in viewpoint.  Numerous plastic surgeons agree that the trend towards Botox at a very early age will just boost in many years to come. While some lady gets shots of Botox at a very early age to erase even the absolute most minimal of lines, many individuals do it solely to avoid subsequent indications of the aging process. “My family and friends said I was an idiot to get Botox,” responds one of my clients in her 20’s, “But after researching about the advantages over other steps to avoid the aging process I was sure Botox would help me to a greater level.” I also reason that since regular Botox remedies make the muscle-relaxing impact persist much longer, facial expression muscles may weaken if not used adequately. Therefore, the lines and wrinkles that return may never be as serious.

What’s clear is that more young individuals are getting Botox. MSNBC reports that recently there’s been a great growth in usage among 20-somethings. In accordance to the American Society for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, 33,70,967 men and women between the age group of 19 and 34 in the United States Of America got Botox injections in 2010, which is 15.2% of the complete population—a great deal of Botox for every handful of lines and wrinkles.

Watch video to see what a magical transformation Botox can create:


There are two kinds of individuals: people who care about their appearance and those who perhaps do not. If you don’t, it’s fine, this article may not be for you. Having said that, If you do care about how you’ll look today and later on in life, but however opt to wait for your Botox therapy until lines and wrinkles look, don’t smile whenever you look in the mirror. A smile will create lines and wrinkles, also in a 6-year-old. At the same time, fight wrinkle formation using sunscreen, a great diet and avoid smoking cigarettes.

Botox Treatment Before After Photos- See Patient Result:


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