Plastic Surgery For Nose In Hyderabad

    Plastic surgery for a nose is a very common procedure, but at the same time one that requires a lot of expertise. Plastic surgery especially of the nose is more an artwork actually. Therefore if you have a thought of having plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad then you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you all about the nose and the changes plastic surgery in Hyderabad can bring to your entire appearance.

    Plastic surgery for the nose ranks as the third most sought after plastic surgery in the world. Therefore, if you are not happy with the shape, size, and appearance of your nose you are not the only one and you can be rest assured that whatever you feel is not right with your nose can be easily corrected with the help of plastic surgery in Hyderabad.

    The first thing to do as a preparation for plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad is to stand in front of your mirror in your home and look at the focal point of your face i.e. the nose.  Are you happy with your nose or do you feel some changes like the following:

    • Altering or reshaping the bump or the depression in the bridge of the nose
    • Reducing the width of the nose
    • Tilting or elevating the projection of the nasal tip
    • Reducing or increasing the overall size of the nose
    • Reshaping and reducing the nostrils
    • Correcting the upper sides of the nose

    Can you help your face look better and give your nose the look you desire? If the answer is yes then plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad is the best option to consider. You can also look at the pictures on the internet but you have to remember that every nose is different and every skin type is different. Therefore keep your expectations realistic.

    Seek Expert consultation always for plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad

    When looking for a plastic surgeon for nose in Hyderabad make sure that you take your time and seek the best advice always. Look for a board certified surgeon who is an expert in Rhinoplasty (nose job). Ask how many surgeries he or she has done in the past. The more successful surgeries the better craftsman the surgeon will be for your nose. Take your time and don’t rush into a decision. Two-three consultations are a must for you to get to know the plastic surgeon. Talk to the surgeon frankly about the changes you want in your nose and what do you expect out of plastic surgery in Hyderabad.

    How is plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad performed?

    There are many ways of performing a plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad especially for the nose and the kind of method and technique that will be suitable for you will be decided by the surgeon. Broadly there are two types of techniques: open and endonasal. The endonasal method is from the inside of the nose and hence no scar is visible and on the other hand, in the open method the surgeon has a better visibility of the insides of the nose but the scar is visible on the sides of the nose.

    The bone and cartilage inside the nose are manipulated by the surgeon to give the desired shape and structure to the nose. The supporting structures inside the nose is also worked on to reduce or increase the size of the nose or shorten and length the nose. Sometimes various grafts made of autologous cartilage are used to change the tip of the nose, fat grafts are used to increase the volume in areas where it is lacking.

    In case the grafts are to be used in the augmentation of the nose there are various options:

    Autologous cartilage is taken from the nasal septum and offers the most natural result. If it is not available then grafts can be used from the ear and skull bone is also the option. Silicone implants are other popular options but they are prone to infections if not used properly. Fillers are used to smooth out the bumps and indentions that are caused generally by normal deformities.

    Internet is a good option to start your search on the plastic surgery for nose in Hyderabad. However you need to be careful in selecting the best surgeon for plastic surgery of the nose. Select a surgeon with the best qualification and most experience.

    The surgeon will explain you the process in detail and you will need to prepare for the plastic surgery of the nose. A detailed medical examination will be done and your past medical history will be examined to find out if you are suitable for plastic surgery of the nose. The process is generally an outpatient procedure and will be done in a clinic or a hospital in Hyderabad. You will have to give up on smoking for few weeks before the plastic surgery so that your nose heals better.

    If you follow the proper post-operative care instructions the recovery from the plastic surgery of the nose will be speedy and very rewarding. Trust your surgeon in Hyderabad to give you the best results.


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