Skin Care for Pilots, Air Hostesses, Cabin Crew & Frequent Flyers

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It’s a really difficult task to fly for an airline or on an airplane. Pilots & Flight attendants are expected to look great, no matter how long they’ve been flying and how many coffee cups they’ve filled at high altitude. For female cabin crew, properly applied makeup comes as an obligation, but for both the boys and girls it’s really crucial to have a clear skin, bright eyes and healthy looking hair. These days, the world is getting more & more busy and traveling is becoming even more frequent & more over longer distances. Such a situation demands frequent flyers to jump off the plane and get straight to work, looking fresh. So how are you going to make sure that your overall look is up to scratch when you’re jetting off to Moscow, Chicago, Beijing, New Delhi or Manila?

It’s a well known fact that long-haul night flights are the toughest trips when it comes to staying fresh-faced & immaculate. Flying can (and will) have an effect on even the best cared for of complexions. Take the stress of air travel coupled with altitude and recycled air in a confined space and you’ve got the makings for potential skin problems. The great news is that for exemplary looks you are not required to spend a fortune on luxury beauty products. So here is a summarization of some advise which will stand the everyday travelers, frequent flyers, cabin crew, and pilots in good stead.

1 Drinking plenty of water is a must!!! How do you know how much water you are required to drink on a daily basis? Take your body weight in pounds and divide by 2. For example, a 140 pound person should drink 70 oz. of water every day. The best thing is to pack a reusable water bottle and fill it once you’ve passed through security check. That way, you don’t have to spend extra on inflated airport prices for bottled water or wait for beverage service on the flight. As much as you may love coffee or an in-flight Bloody Mary, both are no no’s if you wish to stay hydrated. 

Its advisable to opt for fresh fruits & veggies instead of munching on crisps and pretzels before, during & after flights, since all these fatty and salty snacks lead to swelling. Think of carrying your own snacks, such as a fresh fruit or homemade sandwich, when on board. Since nowadays, its rare to get an in-flight meal and the snack cart is generally filled with diet deal breakers, it would be beneficial for you if you make it a habit to carry your own snacks.

3 Mositurise, moisturise, moisturise! Use a lot of of moisturiser to prevent your skin from drying out while on flights. Before the flight is taking off, apply a moisturizer.

For chapped and puckered lips, you can resort to Vaseline, which doubles as a heavy-duty moisturizer for elbows, cuticles & knees.

4 It would be great if you can avoid make up on flights. But, you must in fact resort to natural makeup products for keeping your face protected while on long night flights. Frequent flyers are advised to keep away from mascara on long-haul or overnight flights. The dryness of the aircraft cabin will cause mascara to flake and irritate your (already) tired eyes, especially when you sleep or wear an eye mask.

Most importantly, No matter however tired you are from the flight, never ever sleep with make-up on. For easy make-up removal, use hypoallergenic facial wipes that are wet. During night flights, wash your face at night. And after you wake up in the morning, apply makeup, if it is a must!

5 Puffy eyes are an all-too-common symptom of jet lag and altitude. Use chilled green tea bags or slices of cucumber for puffy eyes once you’re home as this will cool down the eyes and bring down the puffiness.

6 Stretch regularly. Exercise causes the blood flow to increase which will help increase circulation to help maintaining the health of your skin. When you are in-flight, you can resort to following simple tips: Ankle rotations keep the blood flowing in to your legs. When you flex your feet, it stretches your calf muscles. Raising your arms over your head, then clasping your hands and pushing your palms toward the ceiling releases any tension in your shoulders.

Researchers are very well aware that flight attendants & airline pilots are prone to  certain types of skin cancer. In fact, the longer the career, greater is the risk! To learn more on how to detect early types of skin cancer lesions, click here:

Proper use of sunscreen (with an adequate SPF) is necessary in order to prevent skin cancer as well as prevent early aging of skin (anti-aging). 

8 Protecting skin & using non-surgical lunch hour treatments can prevent and reverse signs of sun associated Photo-aging (die to being in the sun and due to the pressurized environment of the aircrafts). You do NOT need surgery, expensive procedures and a lot of time in order to stay young and fresh looking! To know more about lunch hour treatments to look good: 

9 Botox can actually serve as an anti-aging treatment. For more information on Botox: 

See the Botox Treatment Video-



10 Exposure to sunlight & photo ageing can cause the pores to open, lead to fine lines and age spots on skin. All of these can be reversed with carbon dioxide laser resurfacing (Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing), which brings about collagen formation and keeps your skin young & fresh looking.  And, after all, skin is the largest organ in the human body!

In summary, frequent flying has adverse effects on your skin and it leads to aging. Sufficient prevention and cure ensures that pilots, air hostesses (flight attendants) and frequent travelers can keep looking young, fresh and smart, whenever they hop on and step off an air plane.


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