Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India

Read More about Botox Treatment in Mumbai

Contrary to popular belief, Botox is more than just a beauty aid to fight the signs of aging. This toxin has been used for over a hundred years to treat many types of problems. Today, Botox is

Jaw Correction or Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery is a corrective surgery for changing the shape of the face. As the definition of beauty has changed over the centuries, people have started to explore surgical and non-surgical augmentation procedures in order to look more appealing.

Chin Augmentation & Enhancement Treatment

It has been a well proven fact that the symmetry of the face is one of the parameters, by which we measure attractiveness of the face. However, there are many more factors that make a face appealing. It is

Eyelid Cancers – Treatment & Removal

Despite the fact that the risk of cancer is on an all-time high in global populace, awareness about different types of cancers is next to minimal in general public. One such less known cancer type is eyelid cancer.

Facial Fat Grafting – Is It Recommended?

Facial fat grafting is a procedure to correct the signs of ageing like crow’s feet, sunken cheeks, fine lines, wrinkles, creases and under-eye dark circles. As the name suggests, the procedure involves injecting body fat into the

Eyelid Surgery Before and After

Eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty in Mumbai has gained popularity in the past few years as people have come to realize the need for specialized care for eyelids. In addition to having aesthetic significance, eyelid function is also consequential to

Neck Lift & Platysmaplasty – Tighter Neck & Reducing Double Chin

With the increasing awareness and acceptance of cosmetic procedures like face smoothening, botox and face lift; defying age for as long as possible is no longer impossible. But while a lot of stress

Celebrity Beauty Secrets & Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to know more about celebrity beauty secrets. Once in a while, there’s an allegedly revolutionary advancement in the beauty industry, with the most unconventional components being added to beauty products, claiming to yield phenomenal results. Celebrity

Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Cosmetic Surgeon – Who Do I go to?

You, as a lay person, may be confused between the terminologies: Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Oculoplastic Surgeon, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, Trichologist, Cosmetologist, etc. How do you decide who is the best

Red Eyes – Causes & Treatment

Your eyes turn red & you dont know why. You buy eyedrops from a chemist & treat for conjunctivitis. What if it is eye cancer? Could be an eye infection which causes vision loss? Is working too hard