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How to Remove & Get Rid of Laugh Lines

With time, beauty wanes. No, not the inner beauty, but the physical beauty that we define as “looks.” With age, wrinkles, crow’s feet and more importantly, laugh lines, begin to appear. More often than not,

Know More about Nasolabial Folds Treatment

Nasolabial folds are the lines that extend from the nostrils right down to the end of your lips. They are also known as smile or laugh lines. For men and women who are conscious about lines on their

Things You Must Know About Aesthetic Surgery in India

Five years ago, the plastic surgery craze hit India, and now, the country is one of the top global hot spots for cosmetic surgery. What sets India apart from Western countries is its concentration on

Undergo High Cheek Bones Surgery for an Attractive Face

High cheekbones are among the signs of superior beauty. While not everyone is born with good facial proportions, you always have the option to have cheekbone surgery. Also known as cheekbone augmentation, cheek bone lift,

Blepharoplasty – This Eyelid Surgery Right for You

Droopy or folding eyelids can cause discomfort and vision problems, ultimately affecting your quality of life. For these reasons, patients seek blepharoplasty, a type of eyelid surgery that aims to repair droopy eyelids. The procedure may

Things You Must Know About Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery in India

A lot of people are concerned about their nose mainly due to aesthetic reasons. The nose is at the center of your face and it is the focal point; naturally, it greatly affects

Read More about Botox Treatment in Mumbai

Contrary to popular belief, Botox is more than just a beauty aid to fight the signs of aging. This toxin has been used for over a hundred years to treat many types of problems. Today, Botox is

Jaw Correction or Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery is a corrective surgery for changing the shape of the face. As the definition of beauty has changed over the centuries, people have started to explore surgical and non-surgical augmentation procedures in order to look more appealing.

Chin Augmentation & Enhancement Treatment

It has been a well proven fact that the symmetry of the face is one of the parameters, by which we measure attractiveness of the face. However, there are many more factors that make a face appealing. It is

Eyelid Cancers – Treatment & Removal

Despite the fact that the risk of cancer is on an all-time high in global populace, awareness about different types of cancers is next to minimal in general public. One such less known cancer type is eyelid cancer.