Orbital reconstruction surgery

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Any traumatic accident or injury to the face may lead in orbital trauma. The orbit, or the eye socket, is a combination of bones that makes up the depression or hollow in which the eyeball is situated. In case of damage to these bones that constitute the orbit, there is a severe risk of problems like diplopia (double vision) and enophthalmos (eyeball displacement). Therefore, in cases of orbital injury, it is highly important to undergo orbital reconstruction surgery to avoid any consequences which may impair vision.

Orbital reconstruction surgery encompasses all the surgical techniques which aim to restore the size, position and shape of the orbit to its original anatomical specification. Additionally, it aims to properly position and support the soft tissue structures present in the eye socket such as the eyeball. Reconstruction of the bony orbit can be carried out with several synthetic materials, depending on the position of the defect and its size.

For the repair of small defects of the orbit, plastic membranes which dissolve over time can be used. However, in the case of larger defects, more sturdy materials are required for reconstruction. In such cases, sections of bone harvested from other parts of the body such as such as the hip bone or skull can be used to augment the bones in the orbital walls. In the cases of even larger defects or trauma, reconstruction is carried out using safe, strong materials such as titanium or or porous polyethylene and the original three-dimensional anatomical reconstruction of the orbit is attempted.

Orbital reconstruction surgery is a challenging and highly technical surgery and must only be carried out by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon to attain best surgical outcomes.

Getting orbital reconstruction surgery done by the right surgeon

When it is about getting orbital reconstruction surgery, it is a good idea to trust the best. So if you have to get orbital reconstruction surgery, then pay attention to the basics. Looking for a good surgeon from Day 1 is the first step towards great orbital reconstruction surgery.

Finding a good surgeon for orbital reconstruction surgery is what you have to do. So start your search for the right surgeon for orbital reconstruction surgery early. You will be rewarded because this means that your orbital reconstruction surgery will go off without any problem.

The second thing you should consider is getting orbital reconstruction surgery at a good hospital. A good hospital will have all the equipment required for orbital reconstruction surgery. When it is about getting orbital reconstruction surgery, it is important that all exams for diagnosis of the problem correctly is done properly and that requires the right equipment. The best way to ensure that you are choosing the right hospital for orbital reconstruction surgery is to take a look around at the hospital you are considering. For orbital reconstruction surgery, have someone check out the staff and the reputation of the hospital. This will ensure that you are getting orbital reconstruction surgery done at a hospital that is good.

Orbital reconstruction surgery may be a necessity for people who have been in an accident or faced a physical trauma that has broken their orbit. Orbital reconstruction surgery is a way of repairing it and making sure that the victim can see with ease. With orbital reconstruction surgery, the vision of the victim can be restored so that he can resume his normal daily functions with ease.

Orbital reconstruction surgery can be major surgery and thus preparing for it properly is important. If someone you love is thinking of getting orbital reconstruction surgery, make sure that he has a place to recuperate. There should be someone to take him home after his after-care at the hospital after orbital reconstruction surgery gets over. This is because he won’t be able to drive and needs someone to drive him home. At home, he should have an area where he can relax and recuperate after orbital reconstruction surgery. It may be several weeks before he feels strong enough to pick up his daily work after orbital reconstruction surgery and hence preparing in that way is important. It would be great to get some help if that is possible, even if it is hired.

With a little bit of planning, recovering from an orbital reconstruction surgery will not prove to be difficult. It is important that one take off from work before getting orbital reconstruction surgery because the recovery period can be long. Knowing beforehand what to expect during and after orbital reconstruction surgery is a good thing. The better a person is prepared, the easier it will be for him to recuperate well. So don’t worry, as long as you have a great surgeon, it won’t be a problem.

Dr. Debraj Shome is amongst the most experienced orbital reconstruction surgeons in the world, with many thousand orbital surgery procedures performed in his career. Dr. Shome is co founder of The Esthetic Clinics ®, a chain of centers located in Mumbai, India.

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