Hair treatment in mumbai

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There is rarely a more traumatising experience than staring into a mirror and seeing your hair become thin, lank and scanty. It is the stuff of nightmares for both men and women, and we have all spent a lot of time, effort and money in buying cosmetics and oils to avoid this very situation from occurring. But unfortunately, hair loss and baldness are both a reality.

The question of how to cure hair loss has come up several times, and the internet, cosmetic companies, nutraceutical companies all have different strategies to target hair loss and hair thinning. Once it reaches a certain stage of advancement, how to cure hair loss is a tough question and requires more than herbal supplements and hair loss shampoos. Some of the well-known remedies for hair loss are as follows:

  1. Minoxidil – Minoxidil is a topical drug formulation that should be applied to the balding areas of the scalp once or twice daily. In promotes the circulation of blood to the scalp and improves the growth of the hair follicles. One of its major drawbacks is that its effects subside as soon its use is stopped.
  2. Finasteride – Finasteride is an oral drug that has proved effective in the case of male pattern baldness in men.
  3. Saw palmetto – Saw palmetto is one of the most popular herbal remedies for hair loss. Intake of saw palmetto in the form of capsules and herbal teas has been shown to be effective in reducing the thinning of hair and hair loss.
  4. Platelet rich plasma therapy – Platelet rich plasma has also been recently developed as one of the effective remedies for hair loss. Platelet rich plasma is injected into the scalp and contains several growth factors which result in promoting hair growth.

How to cure hair loss is a question dermatologists and trichologists have faced for many years. Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor have developed a proprietary molecule called QR-678 which has proved extremely effective in regenerating the follicles in the scalp resulting in increased hair density. QR678 is the most promising hair treatment in Mumbai. Dr. Shome and Dr. Kapoor are also responsible for the founding and running of The Esthetic Clinics all over Mumbai. These are highly specialized, state-of-the-art clinics that offer a wide variety of skin and hair treatment in Mumbai. Dr. Debraj Shome possesses a wide range of expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery, and has several awards and accolades to his name. If you’re looking for a hair treatment in Mumbai that is actually likely to work, Dr. Debraj Shome is your best option.


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