Neck Lift & Platysmaplasty – Tighter Neck & Reducing Double Chin

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With the increasing awareness and acceptance of cosmetic procedures like face smoothening, botox and face lift; defying age for as long as possible is no longer impossible. But while a lot of stress remains on developing cosmetic products and procedures to hide signs of ageing on face, the adjoining area of neck is conveniently ignored. The skin of neck is equally sensitive to sun exposure, lifestyle problems, sudden weight gain or weight loss and poor posture. Therefore, you neck also starts showing early signs of ageing in the form of fine lines, creases and even sagging of skin.

Correcting these age signs can significantly restore the shape and structure of your face, giving you a more defined and younger look. Neck lift surgery and neck tightening surgery are cosmetic procedures which can effectively help you correct ageing signs on your neck.

What is neck lift surgery?

Neck muscles of Platysma can loosen up due to ageing, sun or wind damage and even due to weight fluctuations. Neck lift surgery and neck tightening surgery includes tightening or modification of neck muscles. These procedures are also known as Platysmaplasty. Alternative procedures like Cervicoplasty also help in getting rid of excessive skin on the neck and are covered under neck lift surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery Before After Photos

Neck Lift Surgery in a Middle Eastern Patient by Dr. Debraj Shome

When should you consider neck lift surgery?

Neck-lift surgery or neck tightening surgery is usually administered along with other cosmetic procedures like botox injections, facelift, etc. So while it is a good option for maintaining and augmenting the aesthetic look of the neck; that is not the only application for it. Neck lift surgery can be a solution for the following skin problems and conditions –

  • Sun damage or wind damage
  • Double chin or triple chin due to fat deposition under skin
  • Excessive skin or fat under jaws, also known as jowls
  • Excessive fat on neck
  • Slackened or loosened neck skin, also known as Turkey Wattle Neck 

Pre-requisites of neck lift surgery

While neck lift is a helpful cosmetic procedure, its outcome depends largely on personal factors. Therefore, proper professional consultation is required to determine the skin type, bone structure, degree of skin elasticity and individual rate of healing before undergoing the procedure. Plastic surgeons also consider ethnic background and clinical history of the patient before commencing the procedure.

The procedure also requires you to undergo certain lifestyle changes before the procedure can be done. Intake of fatty food, sugar, alcohol and NSAIDS such as aspirin has to be limited atleast a week before the surgery. As neck lift is an invasive procedure, activities like smoking which can interfere with the healing process have to be refrained from as well. 

How Neck Lift Surgery is administered?

Although it is an invasive procedure, the surgery in itself takes only up to 2 hours to administer. Neck tightening and neck lift can be operated under local anaesthesia, as well as under general anaesthesia; depending upon patient’s preference. The procedure largely involves liposuction of excessive fat from the neck area. It is then followed by restructuring of neck muscles by making incisions under the jaws or behind the ears.

Typically, neck lift surgery takes around two weeks to heal and patient can resume normal life activities within 10-14 days of the surgery. Strenuous and physically stressful activities have to be avoided even after healing is complete. As the restructure muscles and skin can take time to resume normal functioning, it is always better to be cautious during the recovery phase.

So if you want to renew your look and get back that youthful appearance, don’t restrict yourself to facial cosmetic procedures and give neck lift surgery a thought too.

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