Cosmopolitan magazine interviews Dr. Debraj Shome

    The Cosmopolitan team decided to meet up with a star doctor! The Mumbai based charming numero uno Facial Plastic Surgeon DR. DEBRAJ SHOME believes transformation of the face can cause transformation of the soul!

    When Dr. Debraj Shome walked into the Cosmo office, many of the interns were incredulous, the resume, the age and the looks of the man just do not seem to match! Most doctors are reserved, but Debraj was almost casual as he walked in, in a dapper tweed jacket. Start asking him questions and he transforms into a veritable dynamo of energy. You immediately know why he is as successful at a young age, as he is! “Facial Plastic Surgery is what I always wanted to do”, says Debraj. “It is immensely satisfying to be able to change the faces of people. Some people have deformities or have had bad accidents and it is amazing to have the ability to give them the opportunity to look as they did, prior to the trauma. Others are just very unhappy with the way they look and in such cases, changing the way they look completely changes their self esteem and makes them different people even, as they start to become more confident. So, in some ways, we operate on faces, but we transform minds; we change faces, but we transform lives”. The look of delight is palpable on his face and you immediately know why this mid 30’s surgeon has been awarded for his skills by none other than the erstwhile Honorable President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

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