High Cheek Bones, A Prominent chin & Beauty

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Importance of high cheekbones & a prominent chin: From an aesthetic perspective

Into the realm of these days, “selfie” has become a sort of obsession & being active on “social media” and bragging about your so called “cool social life” has become a liability! In such a world nowadays, having ‘attractive facial characteristics’ is essential, be it guys or ladies.

It’s been found beyond question, that ‘facial symmetry’ is among the benchmarks, by that the attractiveness of a face can be acknowledged & benchmarked. But, there have been discovered to be a lot of various other elements that are accountable for making a face look attractive. Who doesn’t wish to appear appealing? These days, men and women make use of specific type of beauty lotions, use makeup; get manicures done, just for the reason for looking attractive and presentable. Besides these man-made beautifying measures such as beauty lotions, makeup products etc, there are several facial features that can make you appear charismatic naturally. Having razor-sharp face features makes a person look good and photogenic. High cheekbones, wide-set eyes, a little nose and a prominent chin are thought to help make one’s appearance attractive.

The Science of Attraction

According to a voluminous study carried out by a University at Germany, the fact that every person finds sexually appealing into the contrary gender is symmetry. Faces having great amount of balance are classically thought to be much more appealing and symmetry happens to be connected with great wellness and hereditary / genetic quality. Distinct digressions from this are believed to indicate absence of basic well-being or ill-health.

High cheekbones are the zygomatic bones, which in a few men and women can be even more significant than the others, leading to the upper portion of cheeks becoming prominent. High cheek bones, creating a balanced face contour, are very typical in fashion divas and it is believed to be a ‘beauty trait’. High cheekbones develop as we grow older and denote that a girl is old enough to have the ability to reproduce. In the event of guys, prominent facial functions like a strong jaw and chin, high cheekbones suggest large levels of testosterone and are usually thought to be appealing physical traits in a lot of countries.

Some lucky individuals are obviously gifted with these attractive face features & Facial form, as the other people need to go through particular treatments to become ready to have razor-sharp facial functions and appear attractive.

Let’s have a glance at these diverse remedies and treatments:

Injectable Fillers:

Filler treatments are soft tissue Dermal fillers that are non-surgical means of filling up volume. They’re inserted into the soft tissues which help filling up volume. The most typical locations that filler shots are utilized in are the cheeks, cheekbones and chin.

Cheek Chin Augmentation

Fillers for Face Soft Tissue Enhancement

Juvederm Voluma: Juvederm Voluma with Lidocaine is the most recent injectable filler, specifically developed to reinstate amount into the areas exactly where volume is necessary, such as the cheek bones & the chin. Juvederm Voluma can endure up to 1.5 years (18 months). Those with facial amount loss because of aging, unexpected unexplained fat loss or specific issues like facial droop or asymmetry may gain benefit from the therapy with Juvederm Voluma.

Filler treatments need minimal downtime, allowing patients to resume work and their particular regular tasks right after treatment.

Chin Implants

Chin enhanced with Juvederm Voluma

Cheek & Chin Augmentation: Surgical Techniques

Cheek implants are a plastic surgical procedure therapy, done to emphasize the cheek bones. These forms of implants boost the projection within the cheekbones.

Material Utilized:

The absolute most common product found in cheek implants is solid silicone polymer. Two extra choices are high-density permeable polyethylene, additionally understood as Medpor, and ePTFE (extended polytetrafluoroethylene), also known as Gore-Tex.

Three various forms:

  • Malar – This type of shape is the most typical of these all. These forms of implants are put completely in the cheek bone tissue areas. Because of that, the cheeks be a little more prominent and get a “higher contour” laterally within the face.
  • Submalar – These types of implants typically are not meant to be placed over the cheekbones. They’re made use of to augment the mid-face, particularly when an individual is having emaciated look or maybe “skinny” physical look to this specific component.
  • Combined – Substantial implants which might be helpful for augmenting equally, the cheekbones and the mid-face.
Cheek Implant

Malar (Cheek) Implant

Precisely just how would the Cheek Implants be placed?

  • A cut is made by a Facial Plastic Surgeon inside upper oral cavity on the top gum line while the implants are typically slid into the area.
  • Cheek implant surgical treatment is typically performed right after providing sedation and it’ll simply take about 30 minutes per side.
  • Individual typically recovers within 10 days.
Cheek Implant

Cheek Implants Before & After (performed in a British National by Dr. Debraj Shome)

Chin Implants/ Chin Augmentation:

Chin enlargement is carried out with the assistance of Chin Implants. Genioplasty and Mentoplasty are accustomed to suggest the rise and/or decrease in dimensions of a patient’s chin. Decrease in the chin level is done by osteotomy, chin enhancement is done via the means of implants.

This sort of surgical procedure will be a lot of these occasions, performed during the time of Rhinoplasty (nose job), & helps in managing the facial proportions. That is specifically useful in individuals with a ‘bird chin’ – A majority of the patients are trying to deal with a bad or maybe undefined chin which “blends into the neck” too much (microgenia). It has a giant effect on the patient’s side profile & makes the nostrils appear much bigger plus much more noticeable.

Chin enlargement is a fairly simple process for the affected person, while leading to significant improvements within the delineation for the face.

Chin Implants

Chin Implant & Rhinoplasty performed in an Arabic patient by Dr. Debraj Shome

What’s the process for putting Chin Implants?

  • Performed under local anaesthesia.
  • A slice is made inside the oral cavity. A pocket is made. This implant is placed inside.
  • The implant is made from Silicone, Teflon, Dacron, or maybe more recent biological inserts.
  • The implant is usually attached towards the bone muscle utilizing screws.
  • Sutures are used for closing the wound. When the cut is inside the oral cavity, the scar is hidden.

Chin Implant Surgery Before After Photo, See the patient Result-

In summary, bony prominences such as the cheek, the chin & the nose perform a very crucial part in the way you appear. You may possibly be born with high cheek bones & a well defined chin. But, if you are not, it’s pretty easy to augment the cheek bones & chin in a non-invasive fashion. You’re going to be astonished just how a lot of a distinction these can make to your general appearance and pictures.

Cheek Implants before and after

Cheeks form over one third portion of the face. Cheeks form the mid face. They are an important part of the face support structure. The cheeks are responsible for smiles, selfie pouts, and dimples and at the same time they also support the upper jaw and the structure of the eye.

Cheek implants are the simplest and easiest way to get rid of the sagging cheeks and restore the youthful appearance of the face. There is a definite difference in the appearance of a person’s face before and after cheek implants. Cheek implants are a better option than derma fillers. They give a better and long lasting results. Fillers dissolve over the time and can disturb the symmetry of the face whereas cheek implants stay on for life.

Before installing cheek implants Dr. Debraj Shome will examine your facial structure. Dr. Debraj Shome will check your cheeks for the amount of sagging, hollowness, flatness and the depth of the deep grove smile lines. Before the cheek implants Dr. Debraj Shome will use 3D imaging techniques to show you the difference that cheek implants will make in your appearance.

Cheek implants are fixed in the bone in the cheeks with the help of tiny screws. The incisions are made inside the mouth our under the eyelids and therefore after the cheek implants the recovery time is minimal. The best part of cheek implants is that they can be removed easily after the surgery. Selecting high quality silicone cheek implants before the cheek implant surgery will help you in enjoying the results for a long time after the surgery.

So if before the cheek implant surgery your cheeks have been looking like they are just slipping off your face then after the cheek implant surgery you will have the perfect contours of the face and cheeks that add to the symmetry of the face. If before the cheek implant surgery your cheek appear hollow giving your face a ghost like appearance then after the cheek implant surgery you will get fuller cheeks giving your face a happy appearance. Cheek implants can help take about ten years of age from the face.

Dr. Debraj Shome is amongst the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the world, with many thousand facial surgery procedures performed in his career. Dr. Shome is co founder of The Esthetic Clinics ®, a chain of centers located in Mumbai, India.


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