Facial Scars & Keloids – Treatments & Cure

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Face Scar- Forms of Facial Scars & Treatment & Can Scars be eliminated / healed?

A facial scar is left behind in the skin for the face, after an injury has healed. It forms as a permanent area on the skin, because of the healing process that has happened over a length of the time, as a result of damages such as a scrape, injury, cuts, burn or sore. Within the medical vocabulary, scars are areas of buildup of fibrous tissue replacing the regular skin, because of restoration of wound. Thus, scar tissue formation is a procedure which happens normally. Anytime the dermis i.e. the much deeper layer associated with the skin is damaged, a scar is created. Damage of only the skin (shallow layer associated with the skin), is perhaps not adequate to create a scar. Scars are resulted, whenever structural harm and modifications take place in the much deeper layer of the skin (dermis) and they are determined as alteration into the framework associated with the normal surface of the skin. It is really not just a modification of skin colour.

Varieties of Facial Scars

There occur a range of facial scars that are as follows: Acne scars: Acne Scars are one of the most serious types of scars in the face. Serious pimples give rise to increase in acne scars throughout the face. These markings can vary from strong pits to scars that seem wavelike or angular in form. The commonest sites of occurence of acne scars are face, cheeks, forehead, back along with other areas of the body. Keloid scars: a very intense recovery procedure results in keloid development. These have a propensity to grow even bigger in size than the wound. A Keloid scar may suppress the activity over a length of the time. Keloids are most likely noticed in dark skinned people. There are possibilities that the scars may recur also after surgical elimination (excision) & do not diminish spontaneously.


Keloidal Scar

Hypertrophic scars: They’re elevated, red-colored scars bearing similarity to keloids, nevertheless do perhaps not increase beyond the border of wound/injury.

Burns/ Contracture scars: They’re created as a consequence of burn injury. Contracture scars make your skin tighter thus lowering the capacity to move. These scars may also get further deeper and influence the muscles and underlying nerves.

Predisposing factor: The regular normal procedure of wound healing is liable for offering increase to scar development.

Symptoms & signs: Scars are seen at the place where tissue has been damaged and may even be red-colored to purple in appearance. Scars seem solid fibrous tissue at first that are light in colour and ultimately be relatively flatter.

Frequency & prevalence: Keloid scars are many usually seen in those with dark skin, peculiarly African-American ethnicities. There could be a family history for inclination to develop keloids.

Acne (acne scars) Treatment Before After Photo, See the patient Result-

Medical Presentation:

In most of the cases, there’s a history of trauma/injury just before scar development. The damage can be aesthetic, accidental or surgical. The scar can be painful, tender, itchy & the victim may feel like a burning up feeling in that certain area. The look of a scar is centered upon these variables:

  • Size of the wound
  • Just how strong is the wound
  • Area of wound
  • Time taken for healing
  • Your age
  • Your hereditary inclination to scar

Management of Facial Scars

Scars usually subside with time, but never ever vanish entirely. Facial scars, in certain, can be a significant reason for embarrassment. A range of remedies for scars are offered which could lessen the bustle. These comprise of the following:

  • Over-the-counter or prescription ointments, gels, lotions: These may be used for managing scars which are triggered as a consequence of cuts or various other sort of injuries. Almost all of the occasions, therapy can consist of steroids or some antihistamine ointments for scars which cause irritation and are usually very delicate. Additionally, pressure therapy or silicon gel sheets can be useful in dealing with scars or even as a tool of avoidance.
  • Injections: Keloids or hypertrophic scars may show great outcomes whenever addressed with steroid shots. Injectables can be used alone or in combination along with other remedies.

Collagen or various other ‘fillers’ can be beneficial while treating pitted scars, though they’re not the permanent solution.

Intralesional steroid treatments (with triamcinolone) are the primary point in treatment and avoidance. Shots are provided at a period of every 2-6 months until client shows some improvement.

  • Surgical therapy: Based on that specific instance, a lot of alternatives of treatments offered for much deeper scars. These incorporate excision (surgical elimination), skin grafts, Dermabrasion or laser surgical procedure. Skin grafting technique is typically administered in those that have had burns. In this technique, a doctor utilizes skin from another part of the body.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

The Fractional CO2 laser treatment Ablative Skin Resurfacing Rejuvenation Treatment (Ablative Cosmetic Laser treatment) The Carbon Dioxide Laser is among the first for the gas lasers created. It creates an infrared ray of light which is perhaps not noticeable to a naked eye. It’s termed as “Photo-rejuvenation” therapy. In this therapy, managed wounds are created on the skin. These create new cells (collagen), thus revitalizing the entire process of recovery into the skin. This triggers your skin to become even and appear more youthful and more stunning. Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing happens to be the gold standard of scar remedies.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Before After Photo, See the patient Result-

Just how is the treatment carried out?

  • Short concentrated pulsating beams of light are directed into your skin by the CO2 laser. This method wanders over every single coating on the skin in an accurate fashion. This will be called as Lasabrasion, laser peel or laser vaporization.
  • During this method, molecular dissociation associated with skin occurs.
  • The managed injuries produced during the process prompt the skin to begin repairing itself, therefore prompting collagen manufacturing.
  • This collagen being the building block of the skin is responsible for an even suppler and harder skin.
  • CO2 laser treatment additionally leads to peeling associated with superficial skin layers which shows the new layer at the base.


Acne Scars

Acne Scars & Post Acne PigmentationAcne Scars Laser TreatmentLaser Resurfacing for Acne Scars

Aside from acne & other scars, CO2 laser therapy is used for particular other problems such as damage caused by sunlight, lines and wrinkles, solar lentigens, open skin pores, stretch marks, spider veins (telengiectasis) and actinic keratosis. CO2 laser can be considered while the gold standard of all of the therapy choices for skin restoration, taking into consideration its innovative success in application.

  • Scar Revision Surgical treatment: The most typical scar modification methods are as uses:
  • W-Plasty: This surgical treatment is held completely for linear scar modification. Additionally, W-Plasty is useful in shutting semicircular cuts. The treatment includes generating successive tiny triangular flaps in the reverse edges of an injury, with edges perhaps not more than 6mm together & the corner angles ought to be of 90° or much less. In the event of W-Plasty, the exterior triangles need to be larger in both, side length and angle than their particular equivalents in the internal bend. Cuts are formulated vertically and also at correct perspectives making use of scalpel. Tension on the superficial layers is decreased making use of deep dermal suture. All wound margins are then enveloped collectively. At last, anti-tension taping is done to lower tension at the injury area.

Video of patient being treated with W plasty by Dr. Debraj Shome:


Best Face Scar Removal Surgery Best Face Scar Removal Surgery & Carbon Dioxide CO2 Laser Treatment Mumbai India

Face Scar Revision Treatment Before After Photo, See the patient Result-

The final appearance of the injury may not be examined entirely until about half a year following the surgical procedure happens to be completed, as Erythema settles down. After this, laser resurfacing can be carried out as an additional line of treatment.

  • V-Y Plasty: this method is advantageous for lengthening of skin.

The process requires a “V” shaped cut/incision. The large direction associated with the “V” ensues a better blood supply to your flat tip. The apex of the “V” should be remote thus guaranteeing sufficient blood offer to your level tip. Next, a “Y” cut is made by advancing distal skin to your desired place. The “V” flap may be next undermined under the superficial fascia for it to be exposed. In summary, facial scars can be avoided and also at the very least cured much better than they usually would. These days, with the introduction of greatest health treatments along with combo of various aesthetic – laser treatment and operative procedures, scars can be entirely treated in a way that they would practically be hidden.

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