Quick Lunch Time Beauty Tips & Cosmetic Procedures/ Treatments

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Common & Best Lunchtime (Quick) 5 minute beauty tips and cosmetic surgery & cosmetic procedures.

The way you look is crucial, maybe not just from the viewpoint of your self-esteem, but also from the perspective of exactly how you are treated at your house and at work. The absolute most gorgeous ladies and the most handsome guys in Asia and the globe tend to get the most attention and the most jobs as well – This has been proven many times over by research. Majority of us do perhaps not accept beauty tips and don’t wish to go through beauty aesthetic procedures as we may feel we don’t care much about the way we look, or we don’t have the time or the money. Think again. Offered an option, would you maybe not wish to look more youthful, fresher, better? Provided an option, would you perhaps not wish to look like a breathtaking woman or a handsome kid naturally, without beauty products, without makeup products (make up)? Many of these aesthetic procedures/ remedies may cost you less than what a lunch/ a dinner costs in a restaurant nowadays and imagine what, they’re really brief (sometime, 5 – 20 minutes is all it takes) procedures/ treatment and can be done over the time while you are having a meal.

You get a haircut done at meal. You visit a dentist during your meal hour. You also hit the fitness center for a brief exercise and a smoothie. Therefore, why not brighten your appearance over meal in a walk-in and walk-out treatment. The huge benefit is that no one else will even know if you really so wish that. We are all caught up with work, children, supper and family time and it’s difficult to fit in those “just me time” sorts of things. Often the meal break is the only bit of free time men and women generally get and many make the absolute most of it. Botox aesthetic injections introduced in the age of the “lunch hour” aesthetic procedure and today, there are also much more procedures to select from; ranging from smoothing outlines, plumping mouth (lip filler injections) and getting clear of epidermis sun damage. Therefore, what precisely can you get done and what will it do for you?

Botox Cosmetic Injection & Derma Fillers

There are a variety of items, collectively known as dermal fillers, on the market that fill moderate outlines to deepen lines and wrinkles. As formerly mentioned, getting Botox treatment (perhaps not surgery) is one of the absolute most popular lunch-time procedures. Botox is used to fill in those powerful lines and wrinkles (face outlines which form whenever you move your face i.e. smile, etc) that reveal up whenever you smile, frown or show emotions. To read more on what’s Botox, go to our Botox part mentioned on this blog.

Collagen filler injections are popular and other fillers (items) made from hyaluronic acid gel. These fillers can all get done in a few minutes and can fill in average to deep lines and wrinkles, plump up the mouth and also help smooth away some acne scars. Since these can be done quite quickly and offer remarkable outcomes, fillers/ filler injections on the face and mouth and additionally called ‘liquid facelifts‘.

See the Botox Treatment Before after photos

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

A number of procedures fall under the category of meal hour skin resurfacing – peels, micro dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing treatment. Because these tend to be a bit more traumatic to the skin, the procedures are usually mild and need a number of sessions to get the desired outcomes. This is done so that you can resume work without any redness and swelling that occurs in case of stronger procedures.

Two popular chemical peels are glycolic peels and salicylic acid peels. The outcomes are maybe not obvious for a day or two since the skin has to actually peel off. Your dermatologist may provide you a lotion so as conceal the dry flaking skin as it comes off.

See the Skin Resurfacing Treatment Before after photos


What’s a chemical peel?

A peel is utilized to eliminate layers of damaged, unhealthy, lifeless or aged skin to expose more recent, softer and more youthful looking skin.

Solutions of various kinds can be used.

What’s a peel utilized for?

  • Patchy pigmented skin of face, hands, feet or back
  • Dull skin
  • Skin lightening of face, throat, hands, legs, back
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Instant skin glow
  • Reducing oiliness of skin
  • Reducing available pores
  • As component of bridal epidermis preparations plans and ‘Party peel’ ( Hot trend)
  • As regular maintenance therapy for healthy skin and anti-aging
  • Sun damaged skin on face, throat, shoulders
  • To reduce patchy pigmented epidermis like freckles, sunspots, age spots, melasma, etc.
  • Reducing early signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles
  • Reducing mild acne scars

Exactly what are the kinds of ‘party’ peels?

Typical kinds are –

• Glycolic acid peels (alpha hydroxyl acids)

At the Esthetic Clinic there’s a broad range of international peels along using the above peels, such as

  • Lactic peel
  • Biopeel
  • Arginine peel
  • Combination peels, etc.

What’s a glycolic acid peel?

Glycolic acid is a group of obviously occurring substances frequently known as ‘fruit acids’.

Whenever used on the skin, it ruins the ‘glue’ that holds in place the dead cells on the area of the skin. This enables the dead cells to slough off, leaving behind a smoother skin region.

How is a peel done?

Your dermatologist will examine you and determine which peel is required and the kind of solution to be utilized. You may possibly require stopping some medicines like strong vitamin A creams. The skin is prepared with preconditioning creams.

Using unique cleansing representatives the dermatologist cleanses the skin. Layers of peeling solution are then used carefully and expertly over the skin. You’ll experience hot sensation for 5-10 minutes.

It’s then neutralized after particular time particularly for each peel. A membrane layer or mask is used to comfort and soothe your skin and assist in recovery. Later on an antibiotic cream, lotion and sunblock are used.

For AHA peels, there may be a pink stain which resolves quickly to regular skin color.

This chemical peel treatment is done as an outpatient. You can return to work after the treatment without having to miss any time from work.

How long does it take to have a peel done? Can you return to work immediately?

A session lasts for 30 – 40 minutes. Thus it’s also known as ‘lunchtime peel’.

Exactly what must you do after a peel?

• You’ll want to clean the skin carefully and use post peel creams as advised.

• Do not scratch

• Avoid the sunlight and make use of a large SPF and UVA block sunscreen.

• Do not make use of your routine anti-aging creams for a week later on, begin using them just on your dermatologist’s advice.

See the Skin Peel Treatment Before after photos


Brand new technology today enables for laser resurfacing/ fractional co2 laser treatment to be done at meal without exposing a thing. Unlike other lasers that vaporize skin layers, these non-ablative lasers work under the skin to stimulate collagen manufacturing. It works actually well for outlines around the eyes and lips. The disadvantage is that it takes a number of months for collagen to replicate and produce volume.

Photo-facial/ Laser peel is the exact treatment of the lifeless damaged skin by laser, which stimulates the fresh brand new skin below to take its location. Outcomes usually are seen after 2-3 times in type of a fresh brand new appearance to the face.

What’s fractional laser? Exactly how does it work?

This provides laser light in small beams. These beams produce tiny areas of structure damage, while sparing surrounding regular epidermis from harm. Subsequent regrowth of cells and brand new collagen from neighboring healthy tissue during the healing process provides a faster remodeling process, with small or no downtime.

Does the patient need any anesthesia?

This therapy does perhaps not need any anesthesia, dye application or any elaborate cooling procedure hence needing hardly any planning and clean up time.

Exactly how quickly do I start to see the outcomes?

The outcomes are instant and modern.

Brand new collagen starts to develop , creating healthy, much more youthful skin.

Exactly how much time does each session take?

Each therapy session can be finished in 15-30 moments.

Exactly how very long is the hospital stay?

No hospital stay is required either before or after therapy.

When can the patient go back to his regular routine?

Since there’s no or minimal downtime, a vast majority of people are in a position to resume their regular tasks the exact same time. Shaving can be done after the therapy.

Is the therapy effective on Indian skin kinds?

Yes. It provides brilliant outcomes if the right parameters and the right physician work together!

Does it harm?

It’s a really easy, safe, and comfortable therapy.

Exactly what are the after treatment precautions?

Avoid getting exposed to direct sunlight, and make use of a great sunscreen with a great lotion.

What’s the distinction from other treatments?

– Practically discomfort free

– No downtime

– No side effects

– Fast outcomes

– Walk in/walk out procedure

Exactly what can we expect?

The skin may look a bit dirty after 1-2 times following therapy. After which you will discover that your skin appears smoother, and fresher. You might want to have 1-2 yearly treatments in purchase to help keep the youthful look.

See the Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment Before after photos


Microdermabrasion is a bit more aggressive, but it can be done with a mild touch. This treatment essentially sand-blasts the skin, scraping the dead cells off the top and then vacuums it up. You may possibly have some redness afterwards, but the outcomes are easily noticeable as brand new healthy skin is revealed and the appearance of lines and wrinkles and dark spots are reduced.

If you decide to utilize your meal hour to renew your face with Botox or a small microdermabrasion, make certain you’ve got an experienced aesthetic physician or dermatologist perform the procedure. Simply because it can be done in a couple of moments, doesn’t imply something can’t go out of order. That meal time secret will be obvious to everybody if things get awry. That certainly perhaps not the appearance you had been looking for!

See the Microdermabrasion Treatment Before after photos


Hydrafacial is also called as ‘Party facial’ because it imparts immediate shine and brightness to the skin.

What’s Hydrafacial Technology?

Hydrafacial = Microdermabrasion + Hydropeel + Serum based skin resurfacing

It’s the only treatment that combines cleaning, exfoliation, removal, moisture and anti-oxidant protection at the same time, ensuing in better, much more stunning epidermis with no discomfort or downtime. The therapy is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating and boosts the lifeless skin with antioxidants, fresh oxygen and hydrating serums, which can bring immediate life to lifeless skins.

Each therapy is independently harmonized to your skin type and framework.

Exactly what are the uses of the Hydrafacial?

  • Party facial
  • Instant epidermis brightening and glow
  • Treatment of greasy epidermis and available pores
  • Decrease of lines and wrinkles and fine outlines
  • Repair of radiant skin
  • Lightening of brown spots on face

Exactly what are the features and advantages of the Hydrafacial?

– A considerable evaluation of your epidermis leads to a specific therapy and treatment plan.

This device is solely found with specifically trained dermatologists only.

– The dermatologist chooses the layer of abrasion to be done separately for your skin condition. Proper choice is accountable for the excellence of the microdermabrasion treatment.

– Unique tip eliminates lifeless dead skin while presenting supplement serums at the same time

– Dry diamond crystal free abrasion can be combined with damp hydrafacial therapy for much deeper abrasion and much better glow

– A deep micro therapeutic massage improves cell metabolism – rejuvenating the skin from within. It optimizes the rate of absorption of the active components and improves the blood circulation too. Therapeutic massage improves lymphatic drainage and decreases inflammation of face

– Skin particular serums assist in deep cleaning, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, anti-oxidant therapy and more

– Painless and relaxing treatment

– Regular tasks can be resumed immediately

– Immediate radiant results

– No discomfort or discomfort

– Appropriate for all skin kinds and ethnicities

Your skin seems as though you had a miniface lift, your skin feels firm, revived, fresh and healthy. The outcomes are visibly boosted after each treatment session.

Just how much discomfort does one experience?

Procedures are painless yet effective. Your skin care professional is trained to assess the effectiveness of the therapy while at the exact same time making sure you are comfortable.

Just how will you look after the therapy?

Your skin may look somewhat flushed instantly after the therapy but should return to regular in 10 – 30 mins. Your skin will look and feel smoother and brighter instantly, and you are prepared to ‘face’ the globe confidently in simply 30 minutes.

Your skin’s brand new best buddy.

Using the polishing action of diamonds and crystals, the cleaning action of vacuum and the radiance supplied by serum.

Therefore, new technology enables aesthetic procedures in remarkably less quantity of time. You can absolutely revitalize your face within your meal time. To correct all indications of the aging process, you can see www.theestheticclinic.com


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