Celebrity Beauty Secrets & Beauty Tips

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Everyone wants to know more about celebrity beauty secrets. Once in a while, there’s an allegedly revolutionary advancement in the beauty industry, with the most unconventional components being added to beauty products, claiming to yield phenomenal results.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

1) The latest of the lot being ‘activated charcoal’, possessing the ability to absorb impurities which is not yet proven; nevertheless, it’s in fashion nowadays.

A report was published in an online journal Medical Daily regarding the same, which stated that the Researchers consider it to be just ‘snake oil’, but a beauty company has avowed that activated charcoal can absorb “100-200 times its weight in impurities”.

Using a pitch-dark product in purification of the skin sounds really fascinating and cool, the unlikeness of the component itself, particularly its colour, is presumably the driving force behind the latest upsurge in vogue of activated charcoal facial masks and cleansers.

Whether or not are there any positive characteristics of activated charcoal, is for the time to tell!

Some more natural ingredients used in hair and beauty products are pretty hard to digest and so not tempting! Let’s have a look at some of these unconventionally bizarre Celebrity beauty treatments, which celebrities seem to be swearing by.

Beauty Secrets

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Other Bizarre Celebrity Beauty Treatments

2. Ambergris: You would have come across this term on various high-end perfume labels, but you wouldn’t have actually thought what it really means! Let me tell you, this is just a fancy name for whale faeces (excreta). This component makes the fragrance last for a long time. It is used as a fixative in perfumes and scents. It gives rise to a fragrance like that of musk.

Ambergris is a yellow, waxy, solid substance that is produced in the intestines of Sperm whales. It helps in protecting them from pointed objects that they may at times gulp. Many a times, it is referred to as the “gold of the sea”. Just 1 pound of this stinky material can cost up to $10,000. Whales either pass this on along with their excreta, or they sometimes cough it up in case of blockage in their intestines. Burppp….

3. Ferrous Oxide: Also called as ‘rust’. This compound of Iron is utilized in pink-colored lipstickscosmetics as a pigment. This component may be read as ‘pigment brown’ or ‘pigment red 101’ on the beauty products. Ferrous oxide is the scientific name for ‘rust’. The idea behind using this name being to drive more and more people to buy the product. Obviously, if the product label reads ‘rust’ as one of the ingredients, there is zero possibility of people buying it!

4. Bull semen: Now, this sounds outrageously disgusting! Certain exorbitant salons in UK call this ingredient as ‘Viagra for hair’. That is because, supposedly, it is very rich in proteins and is used as a combination with a plant named ‘Katera’. Bull semen is found to be beneficial for dry and damaged hair.

5. Carmine: You would think of this as just another element from the periodic table. But in reality, it is a name used for ‘Cochineal beetles’ (Dactylopius Coccus). The female cochineal beetles feed on the red cactus berries and hence when they are crushed, a bright red tint is produced. These are said to give a bright red tinge to hair-dyes and lipsticks. The beetles are first crushed and then soaked in hot water and dried. So ladies, would you now think twice before grabbing on to a red lipstick?!

6. Crystalline Guanine: This material is acquired from fish scales or even bird poop (excreta/droppings). Couldn’t have been any ridiculous than this! This ingredient is used in the eye-shadow and nail polish, since it is considered to yield a pearly effect or a shine.

7. Cactus: It’s surprising to know that such a prickly plant comes with a hell lot of benefits. The flowers of Cactus plant possess strong anti-oxidizing properties and prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing SOONER. Furthermore, they help in maintaining natural skin moisture. This material can be expected to found in face washes, body butters, moisturizers and even lip balm.

8. Coffee: Apart from being a stimulant, coffee comes with numerous benefits for skin and beautification. The fruit of Coffea plant is said to possess anti-oxidant properties. A variety, Coffea Arabica is used in lipsticks, which makes them smooth and easily spreadable. Coffee fruit extracts are used in creams and cleansers. This makes the skin smoother and softer by helping to keep free radicals at bay.

Green coffee bean extract possesses astringent properties and can be used to mend the damage caused due to UV radiation. The anti-oxidant quality renders new skin cells, fends off free radicals produced by pollution and sunlight exposure which produce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots that come in handy with ageing.

A quick beauty tip: Just add some amount of ground coffee with egg whites and get a rejuvenating facial in the cozy comforts of your home!

9. Seaweed extract: Shampoos, creams, gels, bath salts and face packs – all have this ingredient in them. The reason being, this algae is a rich blend of vitamins and minerals. Seaweed can efficaciously serve the purpose of a moisturizer and helps soothing the skin. It is also said to reinstate skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Due to this property, it is used in massage creams. The seaweed is frozen first and then squashed into a fine green paste, then added to the products. In case of sprays, soaps, powders and creams, seaweed is used in powdered or ground form.

Are Celebrity Face Treatments for YOU?

So, it is up to you. Do you want to follow the celebrities & folly the bizarre celebrity beauty secrets & treatments, or stick to your own resources.

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