Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment – Beautiful Skin, Open Pores, Stretch Marks, Acne Scars

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The Fractional Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Skin Resurfacing Cosmetic Treatment (Procedure) – The Best Laser Treatment for gorgeous Skin, Wrinkle & Fine Lines Removal, Acne (Pimples) Scar Removal, Stretch Marks & Skin Striae Removal & To Reduce & Remove Open Pores (Open Pores Removal) in Indian Skin.

Skin Photo-Aging & Skin Imperfections:

Our skin is subject to many experiences with day-to-day air pollution & vagaries of light etc, that leave it less than perfect. Our genetic makeup, the gravity of the earth & time all play their role to produce those furrows, lax or creepy epidermis, available skin pores, fine lines & lines and wrinkles of the face, particularly around the face, cheeks, lips and eyes. Proceeded exposure to the UltraViolet (UV) rays of the sunlight & cigarette smoking considerably speed up the development of these indications of aging, ensuing in advanced photo-aging of the epidermis resulting in lax, sallow, wrinkled, and pigmented epidermis.

The Fractional CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing Rejuvenation Treatment (Ablative Cosmetic Laser Treatment):

The carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) had been one of the earliest gas lasers to be created & is nevertheless one of the absolute most helpful lasers. The CO2 laser creates a beam of infra-red (perhaps not noticeable to the naked eye) light. Photorejuvenation is a skin therapy that makes use of light to treat some skin conditions like available skin pores, stretch marks, skin striae & eliminate skin wrinkles & fine lines arising from photoaging. The procedure causes managed wounds on the epidermis, prompting it to heal itself by creating brand new cells (collagen). This procedure reverses the results of photoaging, evens out epidermis in situation of epidermis & zits scars, removes epidermis irregularities, wrinkles & fine lines & creates more youthful looking, stunning skin. Hence, CO2 laser epidermis resurfacing has an antiaging (anti-ageing) result.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment

Carbon Dioxide Laser Face Skin Resurfacing

Method of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Treatment:

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser strategy directs quick, concentrated pulsating beams of light at epidermis, exactly getting rid of skin layer by layer. This popular treatment is additionally known as lasabrasion, laser peel, or laser vaporization. Laser resurfacing is a method utilized during laser surgery wherein the molecular bonds inside the epidermis are disassociated by laser. This managed harm to the epidermis (epidermis damage) stimulates the skin repair cells, which in turn create collagen (the fundamental building block of epidermis). Additionally, the trivial levels of epidermis are peeled down using the CO2  laser & more recent layers of skin are revealed (type of like how sand paper removes problems and evens out lumber).

Carbon Dioxide laser is utilized for the therapy of lines and wrinkles, solar lentigenes (lentigo maligna), damage caused by sunlight, zits & other epidermis scars treatment, stretch markings, available skin pores decrease, actinic keratosis and telengiectasis or “spider veins” elimination. Laser epidermis resurfacing using the fractional carbon dioxide laser is really revolutionary and can today safely be known as the gold standard of all therapy for skin restoration & for antiageing treatment.

Video of Carbon Dioxide Cosmetic Laser Therapy for Acne Scars in an Indian patient (Laser by Dr. Rinky Kapoor):


Adult Acne Scar Marks TreatmentAdult Acne Scar Marks Treatment | Fractional Co2 Laser Therapy in Mumbai, India – Dr Rinky Kapoor


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Treatment in Indian & Pigmented Skin (Southern United states, East Asian, South Asian epidermis kinds):

In the previous times, ablative lasers like CO2 laser were considered unsafe for pigmented epidermis (Skin kinds Fitzpatrick IV through VI) viz: South American and South Asian skin (Skin of individuals from Asia). This had been because ablative lasers get much deeper to the epidermis and had been thought to be dangerous in terms of the tendency to cause hyperpigmentation in pigmented epidermis. But, the writer of the blog site has today treated over 4000 clients in Asia using this technology (Carbon dioxide laser) and has seen amazing outcomes in skin restoration, with barely any patients complaining of skin hyper-pigmentation. Clearly, the trick is not in the ‘gun’, but just how to utilize the exact same!

Within one to six sessions, laser skin resurfacing making use of fractionated carbon dioxide laser technology can even out the skin area and boost new collagen development to assist fill in zits scars, close & reduce (remove) open pores, reduce skin striae & extend markings, remove wrinkles & fine lines & create smoother, more youthful, tighter, gorgeous epidermis.

Non-ablative lasers stimulate the production of collagen without harming the skin’s area, but non-ablative lasers are extremely sluggish and perhaps not extremely effective. At the same time, ablative lasers (i.e. CO2 laser & erbium-YAG laser) vaporize the scar, enabling smoother epidermis to take its location, faster, quicker and more predictably! Downtime (skin recovery time post the laser) is barely a week and should be bearable given that better looking skin is almost a guarantee.


Acne Scar Removal

Surgery Scar on Foot

CO2 Laser Treatment

Scar post Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser Treatment


In summary, fractional CO2 laser treatment therapy (ablative laser treatment) is a safe & effective aesthetic laser therapy (best laser therapy for available skin pores treatment, stretch marks & skin striae elimination, zits marks treatment, fine lines & face lines and wrinkles removal, skin lightening, skin whitening, skin restoration & for creating smoother, more youthful looking, tighter, harder, stunning skin on the face, throat, straight back, hands & feet) with minimal side-effects & can be done at reasonable expenses (cost). Single session of CO2 Laser resurfacing for the whole face (including cheeks, forehead , lips, neck, under eye & periorbital areas) costs roughly USD 400. The Carbon Dioxide laser has a synergistic action with other epidermis restoration remedies like Botox (Botulinum Toxin Injection), dermal fillers, dermarollers & other epidermis treatment items utilized commonly in anti-aging epidermis remedies. Today you can really have a skin that appears 30, also whenever you are 50 many years old.

See Fractional Co2 Laser Treatment Before After Photos-


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